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Habitat Hideout Castle: Everything You Need to Know

With special thanks to Megan Cottone, Shelia Gibson, Josh Price, and Shelby Stone

Hello everyone! This is Willow. 

Habitat Hideout Castle 3

Willow’s person is Megan, one of our Comm/Marketing teammates. Willow hopped up and down at the chance to tell our valued customers about our brand spanking new Habitat Hideout Castle. As a picture is worth 1000 words, you can see how much Willow enjoys her castle and the bridges that go with it! But more on all of that in a minute.

What Makes the Habitat Hideout Castle Different?

A few years ago, our Toy Elf created a castle series, along with our Wonderland Play Table and Digging Platform. According to Josh, our Product Manager, we decided to change our castle design to make it more cost-accessible for the customer and easier to ship. So when it arrived at my house in a flat-pack box, I thought, "This is a castle?!" I was so impressed when I opened the box and saw the design. After a quick two-minute setup, my buns were busy inspecting it.

Additionally, unlike our previous castles, it features:
🏰 A modular design so you can endlessly add on to your kingdom.
🏰 No nails or screws.
🏰 No glue.

What Species Can Enjoy It?

Our current Habitat Hideout Castle and Bridge for Habitat Hideout Castle are for small to medium rabbits and chinchillas.

Sunny bunny in her she shed

My Sunny Bunny (SB) is a 7.5 pound Florida White (yes, I know, that’s approaching our beloved Spokesrabbit Belinda’s svelte New Zealand size). I'm not sure if you consider that medium or large. But I can tell you that since the Habitat Hideout Castle arrived, Sunny has made it her ‘she-shed.’ After I did my daily cleaning and refilling of the litter boxes this morning, Pippi decided to sit in there. At the same time, Sunny was 'indisposed.' That didn’t last long. Sun Buns chased Pippers out of there and settled right back into her happy place. Sometimes Rocky hops in there with SB. Plenty of room. Pippi loves to climb on top to get a bird's eye view of what cuisine or snax are inbound.

Pippi the climber

Coming Soon!

The Habitat Hideout Castle and Bridge are just the beginning! Shelia, our Ambassador Lead, told the team just yesterday that we are currently testing a series of prototypes for very small rabbits and guinea pigs. However, just like the current products, they’ll feature:

🏰 Made solely at our in-house workshops.

🏰 Hardwood Plywood-Birch veneer with kiln-dried Aspen or Pine Core.

🏰 Soy-based adhesive.

🏰 Sturdy and durable for a lifetime of fun for your pets.

We're all ears graphic

Don't Be Late! Get Yours Now!!

Just like the rest of our products, we’ve got an ample supply of the Habitat Hideout Castles and Bridges. So start the holidays early for your beloved pets. Hop over to our online shop and 'add to cart' now! You'll be happy you did. And if for some reason it's not a hit, thanks to our Picky Pet Promise, contact our talented Customer Service team for our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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