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Hay Quality Really Shows Under A Microscope!

Hay Quality Really Shows Under A Microscope! (1)

Recently, we decided to have a little fun - we put our hay under a microscope!

Dr. Gary Pusillo helped us with this - he is known for looking extensively/thoroughly at the quality of pet products.

Guinea pig hay expert

Photo credit: @triple_s_piggies

First Dr. Gary put one of our competitor’s hay products under the microscope to see the quality.  Here's that photo:

Competitor's hay under microscope

Photo credit: Dr. Gary

Obviously, this wasn't the very best hay out there.  It came from the store, and had been packaged and probably been exposed to light for a long time.  But you can really see some of the brown, bleached, and damaged fibers come through.  We would venture to say, this is similar to an average quality of hay you might find in Petsmart or Walmart.

Next Dr. Gary put one of our top-quality hays under the microscope.  Here are the results:

Small Pet Select hay under microscope

Photo credit: Dr. Gary

Can you see the difference?!  

Guinea pig hay expert

Photo credit: @triple_s_piggies 

These are REAL photos. You can’t always see how brittle and bleached hay is when looking at a large amount. When we look up close to the leaves and stem of this hay, we can really see the difference in the quality.

Now, we're not saying that every other bag of hay from our competitors is going to be as bad as that first photo, and we're also not saying that every single box of our hay is going to have perfectly flawless leaves as you see in that microscope photo. 


Photo credit: Belinda

However, we do sincerely believe that on the whole - on average, if you were to take all of the hay we sent out over a year - and compare it to the competitors, our quality is going to be markedly better quality, and we also sincerely believe that will make a difference to your pet.

Rabbit hay expert

Photo credit: @nubemelo


Photo credit: Abigail

The simple fact is - high-quality hay has the power to improve the nutrition and quality of life of your pet.  We all know 80% of a small animal’s diet should be composed of hay - but most buns and guinea pigs will only eat that much if the hay is good quality!

So - that's why we are on this mission to find the very best hay imaginable - because we believe it’s impacting these small animals' lives!  

That's why we search up and down the West Coast of the United States (we source all over Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, and California)  networking with hundreds of farmers, looking at hundreds of stacks of hay - all to find the very best quality out there. 

There is a huge amount of work that must be done year in and year out to find that quality consistently, and we are glad to do it because we know it is making an impact.

Now - to close this email - another thing that is very beneficial for your pet is having a variety of hays. Getting some variety in their diet is such a great way to keep them stimulated and healthy - different hays have slightly different nutrient content and taste. Below we've listed some of the options we have. 

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