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Belinda Says Hay: “A Surprise from Abigail”

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Hello. It’s Belinda.

I want to thank everyone for the support after the flood in my office. Including all of my friends who left comments on my blog and on Facebook.  And the team at work too.

There is plenty of hay and treats and herbal mixes here at my agent's house. And back home. I keep telling myself that. 

I am trying to be grateful for what I have but I'm sorry. I just can’t stop thinking about my stash.

It took months to collect all of those healthy snackers and "what not."  Putting something aside every day. Denying myself. 

I used to say I was "saving for a rainy day" and you better believe I will never say that again. Not to be grumpy but come on. 

One thing I know for sure is that nobody could really understand how I feel like another rabbit can.

And Abigail proved it. Wait until you hear what she did.

She sent a big box of goodies straight to my agent’s house.

“Rush delivery.”

My agent brought the box upstairs and cut through all the packing tape for me. Which was nice.

First thing she pulled out was a card and two buttons. "Custom-made." 

A card and gifts from Abigail.

"Dear Belinda,

Sorry to hear about your stash. Here's some stuff to help you replenish it.

Dad is sending some fresh willow. Just picked today. There are a couple of wreaths for you, your boyfriend's companion, and Bentley sent some for the fellow English.

The scones and buttons are for the agent and your roommate to share.

Good job protecting your fluffle.

Love, Abigail"

I don't even know what to say. 

Abigail knows I love willow. I can't get it here in Pittsburgh. She knew it would be the perfect "pick-me-up" with all this going on.

But she also sent me bags of "special edition" healthy snackers. I thought I would not be able to enjoy certain flavors until next year but thanks to Abigail they are in my new stash.

That's right. I have decided to start over. Not sure where I will store everything but it won't be "downstream."

There is other news to report but it will have to wait until next week.

I have a rush assignment that begins with "w." 

Belinda enjoys some willow leaves.

I hope you have a great week. Thanks for being my friend.



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