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CHAPTER 259 – Home Sweet Home

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 259 – Home Sweet Home

“Enzo, look who’s back!” exclaimed Dad as he took Abigail out of her carrier and set her down on the living room floor. Abigail was so excited to be home! After spending two weeks in the hospital, she couldn’t wait to go back to being a free roam rabbit and run zoomies around the house. She high-tailed it off to the dining room. Enzo, in his ever exuberant way, came bounding over. “Hi Abigail! You’re back! What happened? Where were you?” he asked, as he chased after her.

Dad intervened. “Hey, Enzo. Let’s give Abigail a little time to settle in before we overwhelm her, OK?” suggested Dad, “How about you go chill out in the bedroom with Turbo for awhile?” Dad carried a reluctant Enzo into the bedroom and closed the door.

Abigail wandered through her territory, sniffing everywhere and looking for changes. Dad assured her, “Don’t worry, Abigail, everything is just how you left it.” After circling the room several times, she was satisfied that everything was OK. Abigail hopped over to her familiar orange food tray and nibbled on some dandelion leaves. “I missed this!” she thought, “The hospital gave me greens, but not all these different kinds!” She looked up at the wall and noticed the sign which read, “Welcome Home Abigail!” If rabbits could smile, she would have smiled.

After she had had a chance to settle in, Dad let the boys out of the bedroom. Before long, the “three amigos” were back to their routine. While Abigail was gone, the boys had been subdued. But now that she was back, they went back to chasing each other and showing off in front of Abigail. Abigail just tried to stay out of the way. After they settled down, Abigail approached Enzo and quietly explained what she had been through.

Abigail looked forward to her nightly massage from Dad. The hospital staff tried, but nobody gave massages like Dad! She flattened herself on the floor and closed her eyes and relaxed while he stroked her ears. Home sweet home. It was good to be back!

Watch Abigail come home! Watch video above.

Abigail's comes home!  There's nothing like being gone for two weeks to make you appreciate all the comforts of home! 

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