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CHAPTER 264 – Abigail The Matchmaker

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 264 – Abigail the Matchmaker

Daffodil, a chestnut brown agouti rabbit, stared out the bars of her kennel at the shelter. Days had turned into weeks. Weeks had turned into months. Months had turned into a year. She had watched other rabbits come and go, but no one ever chose her. She was sad – and tired of living in a kennel. Twelve of her sixteen months of life had been spent inside this kennel. She wished with all her heart that someone would want to love her and give her a home.

Jennifer, one of the staffers at the Santa Clara County animal shelter, felt sorry for her. She said, “We’ve got to find you a home! I’m going to post about you. She took a little video of her and posted it with a photo and the title, “Longest Stay Shelter Resident.”

Meanwhile, at the House of Buns, Dad scrolled through his Facebook feed as he finished up breakfast. Abigail sat beside him, nibbling on some treats. Just then, Jennifer’s notice popped up in his feed. He recognized the photo – it was one he had taken of Daffodil – over a year ago! Dad remembered her because he had a thing for chestnut agouti rabbits. He liked rabbits that had the classic rabbit look. That’s why he chose Abigail.

“Oh, Abigail,” he said, “This poor rabbit has been living in a kennel at the shelter for over a year now. That’s so sad.” Abigail’s little ears popped up. Abigail had spent the first year of her life living in a cage, too.  She understood what that felt like. She shuddered. Abigail looked at Dad and thought, “Dad! You’ve got to find her a home! Please?” After his experience at the hospital, Dad could empathize with Daffodil. He went stir crazy after only a few hours in the hospital ward. He couldn’t imagine living like that for a year. Right then and there, he vowed he would either find her a home or take her in as a foster.

Dad reached out to Auntie Heather at The Rabbit Haven rescue. Heather said, “I’ll try, but our foster network is pretty full right now.” It didn’t sound promising. Abigail had a thought, “Dad, Auntie Krickett just lost her rabbit, Kai. Maybe she has space. Ask her!” Dad said, “That’s a good idea. I will.”

Dad sent Daffodil’s picture to Krickett and explained, “This poor bunny has been in the shelter for over a year. Can you help?” Krickett asked, “How?” Dad replied, “Foster or adopt her!” Krickett felt like she was betraying Kai by taking someone in so soon, but Dad asked, “How do you know Kai isn’t sending Daffodil to you? He knows she needs a home and he knows you’re a good bun mom.” Krickett thought about it for a moment and replied, “OK. I’ll adopt her.”

Dad looked at Abigail and said, “You were right, little one! Auntie Krickett said she’d adopt Daffodil. Not just foster – adopt! Daffodil is going to get a loving forever home!” Abigail was so excited. She loved helping other rabbits.

Little did Daffodil know that her wish was about to come true!

Can Abigail help a long-term shelter rabbit find a home? 

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