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CHAPTER 260 – The Lovable, Huggable Enzo

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CHAPTER 260 – The Lovable, Huggable Enzo

Dad stared out the tall living room window and watched the rain fall. The trees swayed as Mother Nature gave them a good spring cleaning. It was both dreary and peaceful at the same time. Enzo got up from his afternoon nap and sauntered over to Dad. He gave Dad’s leg a bump with his nose, “Hey Dad, how about some pets?”

Dad scooped up Enzo into his arms. Unlike most rabbits, Enzo did not mind being picked up. In fact, he rather enjoyed being hugged. Enzo settled into a relaxed position in Dad’s arms as Dad began stroking his ears. Dad wandered throughout the house with Enzo, looking out the windows. He stepped outside onto the porch, so they could listen to the rain pitter patter on the ground.

Dad loved hugging Enzo. There was something very soothing and comforting about holding him. “You’re such a good bunny,” he whispered, “You’re so good with humans!” Enzo was never shy about coming out and meeting new humans, and he always ran over to Dad to greet him in the morning.

After half an hour of petting, Enzo had melted into Dad’s arms. “OK, we should probably go in,” suggested Dad. Abigail watched as Dad gently set Enzo back down on the floor. Abigail asked, “How do you do that? I get so nervous when I’m picked up.” Enzo shrugged and explained, “It’s just trust. I trust Dad. Don’t you?” Abigail thought about it for a moment and replied, “Well, yes. Yes, I do.” Enzo said, “Well, there you go!” He wandered off behind the couch to finish his afternoon nap.

Abigail thought to herself, “I guess I’ll have to try that.”

Enzo is one of those rare rabbits who likes to be picked up and hugged!

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