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Chapter 7 – Secret of Life

Chapter 7 - Secret of Life

 Late one night, Enzo and Merlot snuggled together by the living room window. It was their late night spot. From there, Enzo could see Dad in the other room, working on the ‘puter.

“’scuse me, Merlot. Dad been working too long. I need to remind him,” said Enzo. Abigail had told him that he needed to manage Dad and make sure he didn’t work too much. Dad heard the light thumpity-thump of Enzo’s feet as he ran into the dining room. THUMP went Enzo. He wanted Dad’s attention.

Dad looked down at Enzo and said, “What is it, sweetie?” Enzo thought, “You been working too long. Time for a break!” Dad remembered the vow he made, that he would always MAKE time for the rabbits. He saved the file he was working on and approached Enzo.

Enzo ran back into the living room. Dad followed. Enzo stopped and stood up on his back feet. Dad asked, “You want pets?” Enzo was one of those unicorn bunnies who didn’t mind being held. Dad put his hands around Enzo, paused, and asked, “Is it OK if I pick you up?” He didn’t want Enzo to be surprised. Enzo thought, “Yes!” and waited. He liked that Dad always asked permission. Dad scooped him up in his arms and said, “Wait just a sec.”

Enzo waited as Dad fiddled with the remote control. He brought up YouTube on the TV and picked a song to pet Enzo by. “Thousand Years” was Abigail’s song, so he could not use that anymore. He picked a song from the TV show, Orville, where Scott Grimes and Leighton Meester sang a duet called “That’s All I’ve Got to Say.”

Enzo melted in Dad’s arms as he stroked his ears. The song ended with the words, “…anyway, I love you. That’s all I have to tell you. That’s all I’ve got to say. That’s all I’ve got to say.” Not wanting to interrupt, Dad continued petting Enzo while YouTube brought up another song by Scott Grimes called The Secret ‘O Life.

Enzo listened to the words, “The meaning of life is enjoying the passage of time…” He looked up at Dad and thought, “Dat’s it, Dad! We only here for a short time. Enjoy it while you can.”

Enzo was pretty wise for a two-and-a-half year old bunny. Dad raised him up in his arms and gave him a kiss on his head. “You’re absolutely right, Enzo.”

Enzo teaches Dad the secret of life.

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