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Chapter 8 – Tipping Point

Chapter 8 - Tipping Point

Hobo stood up on his back feet and turned around to wash his shoulder. As he reached further around, he started to lose his balance. He reached his tipping point. “Ooohhh noooo!” he thought, as he tipped over on his back. “Crap!” he thought, as laid on the floor and stared up at the ceiling.

Hobo was a bit, as one vet described him, “robust.” Another vet uncharitably called him obese. Hobo’s early years had been spent surviving on the streets of San Francisco. He never knew when his next meal was coming, so he learned to eat everything he could whenever he could. He never shook that trait. Consequently, he always wolfed down his meals while his bondmate, Mocha, delicately nibbled on the food. “How can I get fat eating salad?” he asked Mocha. Mocha would just shrug and say, “Maybe because you eat so much of everything.”

Mocha turned around to find Hobo lying still on his back. “Hobo! Are you OK?” he asked. Hobo tried to flip himself over onto his feet. But like a turtle on its back, he couldn’t roll over far enough for his feet to get traction. He flailed around and thumped, but it was no use.

“I’m stuck. Can you help me?” he asked Mocha. Mocha ran around to the other side of him and said, “I’ll try!” Hobo flailed some more and Mocha gave him a shove, but it was no use. He was stuck like a car in deep snow. Mocha said, “I’d better call for help.”

“Daaaddd! Hobo is stuck! He needs some help!” thought Mocha.

Dad heard the thumping coming from the Starship Bunnyprise, so he came to investigate. He looked down at Hobo, who was staring up at him. “Hobo, are you stuck?” he asked.

Hobo just laid there and looked up at him.

Dad chuckled, “Oh, Hobo. Let me help you.” He reached down and flipped Hobo back on his feet.

Hobo, somewhat embarrassed, acted like he meant to do that. “That’s my new trick! I was just playing dead!” he thought, “Yeah. That’s it.”

Mocha and Dad glanced at each other. Dad just smirked and replied, “Oh, OK. Good trick!”

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