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Clean Chinchillas

Did You Know Chinchillas Are Neat Freaks? Keep Their Cage Clean with These Chinchilla Supplies

Chinchillas make such great pets. They each have their own unique, quirky personalities. Some are goofballs, some are shy, and some just want to cuddle. But no matter what personality style your chin has, one thing remains the same: chinchillas love a clean, comfortable cage. So knowing which chinchilla supplies you’ll need to keep them … Continue Reading

Guinea Pig Food: Pellets and More

Guinea Pig Food: Pellets and More

GUINEA PIGS AND VITAMIN C DEFICIENCY Guinea pigs and primates, like us, are unable to make their own vitamin C. Because their bodies can’t synthesize or store it, they need to receive around 10-30 mg per day through their diet. Guinea pigs that don’t get enough vitamin C are at risk for scurvy, even when … Continue Reading

The benefits of Timothy Hay

What is Timothy Hay? The History, Benefits, and Common Uses

Considering adding a chinchilla, guinea pig, or rabbit to your family? They all make terrific companions and friends. But be prepared! Do your research about space requirements, vets, and lifespans (we’ve got lots of info on our site). And of course, perhaps most importantly, learn about how to provide proper nutrition for your new friend. … Continue Reading

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