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Bedding for Mice

Hello friends! Have you ever wondered what the best bedding for mice is? There sure are a lot of options out there, including Small Pet Select’s full small mammal bedding line. As exotic pets, mice have some special needs when it comes to bedding, so that’s what we are going to discuss today.

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Today’s mouse activities: nesting, digging, and burrowing

Some of a mouse’s fave activities include nesting, digging, and burrowing as rodents. Therefore, as a mouse pawrent, you should provide suitable bedding for mice that encourages these activities. 

Bedding for mice: offer several unscented and non-colored options

Not all bedding is suitable for burrowing, nesting, and digging. Additionally, mice have very sensitive respiratory systems, so when choosing bedding for mice, please ensure it’s unscented. Finally, mice need 2-3 inches/5.1-7.6 centimeters of bedding in the bottom of their enclosure to facilitate burrowing and digging.

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Burrowing and digging bedding options

According to the RSPCA of Australia and the Merck Manual/Veterinary Manual, the best bedding for mice is "wood chips (non-aspen), cellulose-based chips or shredded filter paper.” Guess what??? Small Pet Select offers two paper bedding for mice options.

Nesting options

We all love a cozy sleeping spot, mice included. Additionally, building the right nest helps mice control their body temperature. Help your mice construct the perfect nest with cut-up towels, hay, paper tissues, or shredded paper. However, the RSPCA of Australia cautions, “It is important not to use materials which can separate into long thin strands (e.g., cotton wool or other fluffy materials). These can seriously risk a mouse's health and welfare if they eat the material or become entangled.”

Housekeeping for mousekeeping

Don’t forget to remove the soiled bedding for mice daily. Daily mice habitat cleaning, according to Merck, is critical to prevent viral and bacterial infections in your mice. We also support their recommendation that your mouse habitat is cleaned with hot water at least once a week. In addition, all bedding should be changed at least twice weekly. While cleaning daily, don't forget to provide fresh water and food in freshly washed dishes and water bottles. 

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We hope you enjoyed our rundown on bedding for mice. Do your mice prefer certain bedding materials? We’d love to hear about their choices, so please comment with those on our socials or email us.

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