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Belinda Says Hay: “A Message for My Roommate”

Belinda Says Hay: A Message for My Roommate

Hello. It’s Belinda.

You might want to skip this blog because it’s a little unusual. “To put it mildly.”

I know I’m supposed to talk about work topics. Such as the special bundle I’m working on to celebrate my two-year anniversary.

Or even an update on the timothy hay cube launch. Did you know we added two more varieties? Alfalfa hay cubes and alfalfa-timothy mix.

I hope you have a chance to try all the cubes. They’re a great chew for any time of day.

I’m sorry I forgot to mention this. I'm so behind at work with everything going on. The flood and staying here at my agent’s house. 

And that brings me to the “odd” part of this blog. It’s a message for my roommate.

Maybe it's unprofessional to post this in the middle of a work "memo." But I don't have any other options. 

Usually if I need something from my roommate, no problem. I just thump.

Or "nose-boop" her on the leg.

Well that doesn't "fly" in my current situation. So here we are.


Remember me? Belinda.

I hope you are well.

Also the house. Nothing moved around or missing.

I haven't slept for days but I'm fine. 

My point is I am ready to come home and so is my boyfriend's companion. (Little Fang.) 

There is no way to get any work done here  with all the racket. Plus I left my Dale Carnegie books in my office.

Did you do anything "major" to the bottom level? I thought you were going to swish a mop around.

That should take two days. Unless you are moving furniture which is not necessary. 

If you find anything under the dryer (snacker) it's mine. Put it in a secure  location and I'll take care of it whenever you bring us back home. 

Which I hope is within a day or two. My agent is good to us but come on.



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