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Belinda Says Hay: “A Vampire in the House”

Hello. It's Belinda.

You might think this is a Halloween blog. From the title.

I do have some fun holiday news but it's not about pumpkins and bats. More like hearts and flowers.

That's right. The Valentine's Day goodies have landed. With everything you need to make the day extra-special for your "honey."

Start the day with a post-breakfast Strawberry Rose Healthy Snacker.

"Freshening up" the hay manger after lunch? Offer a few vine hearts for chewing and tossing. They're made by hand.

And last but not least, serve a nice plate of Valentine's Herbal Medley with dinner. Or use a few pinches as a "hay topper." 

I don't mean to make you hungry but look at what's in this medley:

  • rose petals 
  • hibiscus petals
  • dandelion leaf 
  • raspberry leaf 
  • blackberry leaf
  •  jasmine flowers 
  • lavender flowers

It's hard to write about this. I keep stopping for a little "snackypoo."

OK that was the business update. Now I want to tell you what's happening with my roommate. 

Last week I talked about her odd behavior. "Lounging around" on the couch for hours and hours. Reading her phone.

Running behind schedule with our meals. Once or twice is fine but come on. 

Well, early this week I noticed a new "twist."

It all started when I was sound asleep on my rug. Suddenly I heard the front door slam.

I opened my eyes. The room was dark. 

Then I heard footsteps on the ceiling. My roommate. She must have gone out after she fed us our bedtime treats.

None of my business. I went back to sleep.

The next night, same thing. I'm dreaming about tractors when bam. The front door slams and I wake up.

I hear my roommate walk across the ceiling. I don't even want to know what time it is.


Oh great. Now Little Fang is awake.

"Who came into the house?"

Our roommate.

"Why was she outside?"

I don't know.

"Maybe she's a vampire."

Go back to sleep.

"Maybe she was flying around the neighborhood."

Stop talking.

"She calls me Little Bat."

I didn't answer.

"Maybe that's a clue."

I rolled over so I faced the wall. I knew she would eventually doze off.

The thing is, Little Fang was right. Sometimes our roommate does call her "Little Bat."

I even drew a picture of it.

Little Fang with a Bat Body

But that doesn't mean our roommate is sneaking out at night to "dive-bomb" the streetlights. 

Or does it? 

Stay tuned.



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