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Belinda Says Hay: “Deep Freeze”

Belinda Says Hay blog

Hello. It’s Belinda.

First of all I hope you stayed warm during the polar vortex.  I am so glad I get to work from home but I know most people are not this lucky.

Not that I got much work done this week. Because of a certain letter I received from HR. I’m supposed to be working on new product “initiatives” and all I can think about is how much trouble I’m in due to my big mouth.

It’s hard to focus with something like this hanging over your head. Trying to be professional and “think outside the box.”

But it’s like my brain is frozen. I’m afraid to make another mistake.

The business world has too many rules and regulations in my opinion. But that’s just my observation. Not anything to document on company stationery.

Well if there is anyone who knows about rules and policies and official stamps it’s my notary. The minute I read that HR letter I sent a copy to him. So he could take a look and give me a “game plan.”

I kept sending messages to the website for the company where he works and nobody wrote back to me. So I left a message on their Facebook page and I got a reply within two minutes.  Said my notary “went to the islands” until Tuesday.

Well he picked a good time to fly south but in the meantime I don’t know what to do. Not sure if I should just sign the letter and return it or just pretend I never saw it. Haven't heard a peep from HR either.

The other day I was working on a hay review and I wrote the word “The” and that’s as far as I got. Stared at the laptop screen for 15 minutes. Just sitting there staring at the word “the.”

But I don’t want to get into all of that. Let’s just say that on a scale of one to five, my productivity has been “sub-zero.” Just like the air hitting the house on Wednesday and Thursday.

Our window is on the cold side of the house. My roommate kept running her hands along the floor to check for drafts. She even hung a blanket in front of the window.

“Sorry it’s so gloomy bunnies. I’ll take this down in a few days.”

I don’t care about the dark and I think my boyfriend’s companion feels the same way. Which is legal to say because it has nothing to do with her health or behavior or hygiene. 

The lower light was fine with me. I pretended I was on vacation in a cave. Far away from deadlines and company letterhead and rules.

One good thing to come from this mess is that Josh from the warehouse sent me a care package. I guess he heard what happened and knew I would be a wreck.

So I’ve been eating the Valentine’s herbal medley and strawberry rose healthy snackers all week. He even sent me the special holiday set so I could chew the maypop heart.

The whole situation makes me fidgety. I wish my notary would check his messages, island or no island. I keep sending messages to the company website even though he isn't there.  This is serious.

Things are really going to “heat up” when he gets back.



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