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Belinda Says Hay: “Holiday Rush”

Belinda Says Hay "Holiday Rush"

Hello. It’s Belinda.

Abigail is blocked from this blog. I hate to keep a secret from her but I don’t know what else to do.

And I don’t have time to “cook up” a better solution because the holiday rush has started. It’s been nonstop since Black Friday.

From now until New Year’s Eve everyone at work is making lists and checking them twice. Because there is a lot to do to get extra-special goodies out the door. I don’t know how the others keep track of their projects but I use spreadsheets. 

And speaking of one-of-a-kind goodies, have you seen the holiday advent calendar? 

Every day there’s a new surprise, including one I put together. I'm not allowed to talk about it and "not talking about it" is a project all by itself, if you know what I mean.

Check out the holiday advent calendar here.

So with all the rushing around and new products to remember, I’m suddenly in a bit of a situation.

It all goes back to being promoted to manager.

The thing is, I’ve been in this job for seven months. Abigail is such a good novelist and employee I don’t have to really “manage” her. We have video conference calls but mostly we discuss food.

If we ever lose our jobs, we might open a hay restaurant together. But for now that’s just talk.  

Anyway, I thought the learning curve for my promotion was over. I haven’t even looked at my Dale Carnegie leadership book for weeks.

I should have known I would make a mistake sooner or later. I did and it’s a “doozy.”

It all started on Wednesday morning. I was walking through the downstairs, trying to think up names for treats that rhyme with “jingle bells.” As I passed my roommate, she heard me and looked up from her laptop.

“Belinda, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.”

Then she said it.

“What are you getting Abigail for Christmas?”

I froze. And by that I mean I stopped in my tracks with one paw on the kitchen floor, the other three on the dining room carpet.

I don’t know how long I stood like that but I remember what I was thinking. That you can hang ornaments all over your tree, top to bottom, and it’s fine. You add one more bulb or candy cane and the whole thing crashes to the floor.  

Buying a gift for Abigail never occurred to me, to tell you the truth. I’m so worried about “hitting my numbers” for the month that all I think about it selling hay and holiday snackers. Which is selfish.

I’m a manager now and I have to “step up.” And of course I want to give Abigail a gift to show how much I appreciate her hard work.

The wrinkle is budget. When I look at the bottom line, turns out I don’t have one. Meaning I have zero “cash on hand.”

And by the way, none of this is my fault. I have not seen one paycheck since I started this job. I’m sorry but it’s been 14 months and something is hinky.

Anyway, I should have thought of this months ago.

Now I need to come up with a plan to get some money.  With everything else going on, I just don’t know how I will find the time.



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