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Belinda Says Hay: “I Couldn’t Wait”

Hello. It's Belinda. 

I got nothing done this week for a very good reason.

And that reason is the "Celebration of Love" photo gallery. Featuring bonded pairs and even trios.

You can see it here.

All I do is look at the photos and read the little stories. Thank you to everyone who sent them. Over 100 so far and we still have three weeks to go.

I "stole" a few photos from the gallery to use next week. For my Valentine's Day blog. 

Well that plan lasted about five minutes. I couldn't wait. I posted them below.

But first I need to mention the Valentine's Day goodies. 

If Josh from the warehouse sees this blog I hope he knows I don't expect anything. It's not his job to ship a box of gifts to me every time there's a holiday.

But I have been "eyeing up" the Heart's Desire Set. Just in case anyone asks.

It has everything I like.  A maypop vine heart and sweet potato vine ring. Strawberry rose healthy snackers. Valentine's herbal medley. Even some 2nd cut Timothy hay. 

I hope your "honey" gets it for you. Or surprises you with anything you like.

Speaking of "honeys." It's time to look at photos.

First up it's Pebbles and Bambam. I think I know these fellows from my early days. Back in New Zealand.  

Somehow they made it all the way to Youngstown, Ohio. Now they're looking for a home. You can find them at

I mentioned them to my roommate and she said "the inn is full" which is nonsense in my opinion. We have the "Christmas tree room" which does not have a single exercise pen or litter box in it.  I'm not allowed in there so they could have the whole room to themselves.

This is Roxy and Clem. Everyone tells me I have big ears but look at these two. They can hear a bag crinkle next door.

Their roommate Alexis says they like to cuddle and sleep together in their hidey-hut or hammock. Roxy and Clem are inspiring me to tell you the truth. "Way to go."

Bufflehead and Missy fell in love at first sight in a place called "Southend-on-Sea Essex UK." I looked it up on a map and turns out it's "across the pond."

These two really know how to pose. It's not easy to figure out what to do with your ears. And the mustaches. A+.

 I could look at this photo all day and on Thursday that's exactly what happened.

Jacqui and Duffy sent us this photo from Amherst, Virginia.  Duffy moved in when he was a baby. Just 10 weeks old.  Which is nice.

That must be why he follows Jacqui and the "mister" around the house. Not to mention all the kissing and snuggling.

Duffy, I've been single for almost two years. But I live with my "bestie," who goes by the name "Little Fang" and "my boyfriend's companion." We have to use fences in the house because I chase her. 

My roommate and I snuggle but I don't want to talk about that. It's not professional.

This is Jack and he is bonded to his bed.  I missed two meetings on Friday because of this photo. Come on.

OK that's all for now. 

I hope you send a photo to my Celebration of Love gallery. Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, chickens. Rats and mice. Ponies and birds. Everyone is invited.

It's easy. Just use this link.

At the end of the month I'll send a little surprise to 10 lucky pairs.

I feel like the lucky one.



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