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Belinda Says Hay: “I Drew the Sun”

Belinda Says Hay spokesrabbit blog, April 14, 2024: "Belinda Says Hay spokesrabbit blog, "I Drew the Sun"

Hello. It's Belinda.

Did you check out the eclipse? You're not supposed to look at it.

My roommate drove to a town a few hours away and wore special glasses so she could see "totality." She said the whole neighborhood went dark. The moon went in front of the sun and blocked out all the light.

Get this. The whole thing was over in four minutes. 

How do you like that.

I thought the sun would go out for at least a week. Maybe two.

I got all worked up over nothing and so did Little Fang.

A lot of you have asked why Little Fang was so interested in the eclipse.

She usually just minds her business in her pen. Or relaxes in her sleeping box.

Or whispers and giggles with the English. Yes he's still down on the bottom level. I pretend he's not here.

So when she told me she had a plan for canceling the eclipse I was shocked. Especially when she told me it involved a long list of supplies like magnets and hula hoops.

I had no idea what she was talking about but somehow it seemed "legit."

I even sent 10 emails to NASA asking for someone to review Little Fang's plan. It was worth a shot. Anything to stop the sun from going dark for weeks.

Of course now I'm mortified. 

Because it turns out the whole thing was a hoax. Little Fang's plan for cancelling the eclipse was nothing but a "fairy tale."

And if you're wondering what was "behind" all of this eclipse drama I am going to tell you.

But I'm going to tell the story in drawings. I hope you don't mind.

It starts with a nice picture of the moon.

Do you see the spots? That's a "hint" of what's coming.

"Uh oh." Something looks funny.

Don't worry. It's just the eclipse starting.

The moon is moving in front of the sun.

Wait a minute. 

That's a terrible drawing of the sun.

This is even worse. 

First of all it has spots.

The eclipse is almost over now.

I wish I had special dark glasses. I don't want to see this. 

At last the moon is back in front of the sun.

That means it's time to make the moon look even better. 

There. Fixed it.

That's my drawing of "totality."

And it's the perfect way to end all of the eclipse drama in my opinion.

By focusing on loops instead of any "shadowy figures" trying to stir up nonsense.

I wish the English would move back to the bedroom level. He's a bad influence on Little Fang. Which always ends up interfering with my work.

I'm not supposed to be writing about the sun and moon.

I'm supposed to write about hay. 



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