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Belinda Says Hay: “I Have a Secret”

White rabbit has a secret

Hello. It’s Belinda.

I hope you had a good week. Kept warm.

As for me, it’s the “calm before the storm” right now. I mean at work.

Thanksgiving is coming and that’s when our busy season starts. Which includes daily reports and team huddles and being “on call.”

I wish I could drop some hints about the promos and other goodies we have planned “for you and yours."  But I’m not allowed. My agent even made me sign a confidentiality paper about it.

There is no need for a paper. I can keep a secret.

And to prove it, I have something “extra-special” planned for next week’s blog and I am not going to say what it is.

But you can find a clue in my "Ask Belinda, Draft 1" post from exactly one year ago.

Look in the comments.

In the meantime, you won’t believe where I’m writing this. Not in my office since I don’t have one yet.

Here’s a hint: It’s the messiest place in the entire house. About six feet wide and ten feet long. The floor is covered in pee pads.

That’s right. I’m in “Little Fang’s” pen. She’s upstairs in the kitchen with the English.

I can hear my roommate up there too. 

“Good boy! Thank you for sharing your apple sticks with her.”

None of my business but this dating project won’t work. He’s too “high-maintenance.” Moody.

Something just occurred to me. I can hardly bring myself to type it.

But if they become a bonded pair, will I have to call her the “English’s companion?”

I just thumped. Excuse me.

Anyway this part about the “lovebirds” in the kitchen is a clue also. For the surprise you’ll see next Sunday.

Along with next week's blog, I’m doing the best I can to get all of my regular work done. Plus sneak in some time on the Belixa. That’s my invention that listens to rabbits and tells the warehouse what they want.

I found an article about “how to launch a new invention” and it turns out I need drawings. Of the “prototype.” My deadline is the day before Thanksgiving. I’ll let you know what happens.

Actually I guess this isn't the "calm" before the busy season. It's already hectic.

On that note. I hope you will remember to read my secret blog next week.

“Tell a friend.” If you think they might be interested. Which they will be if they have two rabbits or even one at least for now.

OK I mean it. No more hints. "Shoo."

You will have to wait until next Sunday.



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