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Belinda Says Hay: “Is Alfalfa Hay Romantic?”

Hello. It’s Belinda.

What’s the best rabbit hay? As a spokesrabbit, I want to say “I like them all equally.” Timothy hay, oat, orchard.

But come on. If you know me, you know I love alfalfa. I could eat the whole box.

However I get only one "pinch" a day. My roommate says alfalfa is too rich. In my opinion I don't have to worry about calories. Not with my work schedule.

"Regardless." She hides the box. 

I guess that’s why Josh from the warehouse sent this to me a few days ago.

I couldn't believe it. What a nice surprise.

And he went to a lot of effort too.

Started with a “jumbo” serving of alfalfa. Added a bag of Healthy Snackers mini- cookies. Wrapped the whole thing in pee pads. Finished with a fancy ribbon.

Here's what makes it extra thoughtful. The pee pads are for my boyfriend’s companion. In fact Josh sent an entire package.

You may be wondering why the gift. It's not my birthday or adoptaversary.

Well I guess Josh found out I was “out of sorts” about Midwest BunFest. Because he wasn’t there.

I thought I’d see him at the Small Pet Select booth and so forth. I was looking forward to catching up.

Plus the last time we worked “MWBF” I went home with the biggest stash you ever saw. Mostly Vita-Licious herbal blend.

He tossed some into my Belindamobile when nobody was looking.

Not that I was expecting anything this year. But Josh knows I lost everything in the flood.  I could use some "starter" bags of this and that. Whatever's handy. 

Anyway my roommate was even more excited about the alfalfa than I was.

“Belinda! What a beautiful gift. Let's show Little Fang!”

She carried the bouquet downstairs to the bottom level. I was right behind her. Not to be rude but it was my alfalfa.

She climbed into the pen with my boyfriend’s companion and made a big fuss.

“Can you believe this? Josh sent it. Alfalfa wrapped in pee pads."

Then she said it.

“Isn't it romantic?”

That's when I thumped. Even though I was still on the steps. 

Enough with this romance nonsense.

Ever since we moved back home from my agent's house, my roommate has been trying to play matchmaker. "Again."

With the English and my boyfriend's companion.

Meanwhile, I still don't have an appropriate place to work. And every day while I’m trying to concentrate there’s a “soap opera” unfolding in the kitchen.

It's none of my business but I can hear them chasing and bickering. And my roommate saying "Oh you rascals! Stop playing hard to get. I know you're in love!"

So she's distracted with all of that. Instead of setting up a new office for me.

Dating is fine but I have work to do.

And on that note, I want to get something "on the record."

I like alfalfa hay not because it’s “romantic.”

I like it because it tastes good.



Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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