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Belinda Says Hay: “Legal Trouble”

Belinda Says Hay Legal Trouble

Hello. It’s Belinda.

I’m still in a mood because of Daylight Saving Time. So I’m just going to blurt it out.

I might need an attorney.

There are two reasons and the first has to do with my new “Ask Belinda” column. I’ve been working on it non-stop ever since I got the comment box back a few weeks ago. I’m up to 24 pages.

Here's how it works: My friends left questions for me and I’m going to answer them in one of my Sunday blogs. Maybe next week if I get done in time. “Stay tuned.”

Seems like the simplest assignment on earth but I should have known better.

Because there is something nobody thought about. And that is “liability.”

My notary brought it up. Says it has to do with giving opinions on the internet.

Turns out I need a lawyer to write something like “the views expressed in this column are Belinda’s.” Which is ridiculous because it’s my blog.

So that’s my first legal problem. The second one is just as silly.

On Tuesday morning I bit a hole into a 25-pound bag of pellets. Near the bottom of the bag.

It just happened to be on the living room chair and pellets spilled all over the cushion. Which was handy.

I decided to take my mid-morning break right there at the bag. As I sat there enjoying my snack I thought it was funny how things just work out sometimes.

Because ever since my roommate moved the clock back an hour I’m hungry day and night. Can’t get used to this schedule.

I try to work but I’m distracted. Wondering what’s in the basket where my roommate keeps the healthy snackers. Napping by the refrigerator so I’m “ready to rumble” when she opens the door.

So to find an unattended bag of pellets as I’m walking to the  digging box made my morning.

And that lasted about five minutes. Because I was three chews in when I heard  my roommate walking down the steps from the bedroom level.

“Belinda, what are you doing up there?”

I stopped moving my mouth.

“Did you make this mess?”

I turned my head toward the bag and pretended to read the label.

“You are not allowed to steal food! Now get down so I can clean this up.”

I jumped to the floor and a little river of pellets poured over the side off the cushion. My roommate started yelling at the pellets so I “made haste” to the bottom floor.

I kept to myself the rest of the day. But to tell you the truth, I couldn’t stop thinking about what she said. Accusing me of living room pellet theft. 

The thing is, Josh from the warehouse sends those boxes to "Belinda." I don't know what my roommate's trying to pull.

So I need to ask the attorney about that too. Property law. 

If you know a “rabbit-savvy” lawyer, please forward their contact information to me.



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