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Belinda Says Hay: “Lettuce Be Grateful”

Hello. It's Belinda.

"Greetings" from the sleeping rug.  I can't move. 

I've been eating non-stop since Thanksgiving. Timothy Hay, herbal mix, loops.

A pinch of alfalfa. Another pinch of alfalfa. Three more pinches. Maybe four.

"Who's counting."

Then my roommate catches me with my head in the combo box. No more alfalfa after that.  

And that's not the only "incident" that happened on Thanksgiving. I mean involving my roommate. 

More on that in a minute. I have work to do first.

Did you see the Black Friday deals?

It's not too late to shop. Get 20% off select hay and bedding all weekend long. Just use promo code BLACK20 at the checkout gizmo.

Good time to buy some gifts. "From Santa."

And that's not the only special going on. 

I also promised Abigail to remind you about her "bling" shirts.

If you buy one, the money will help a rabbit named Cassie. She has to go to the vet for "head tilt."

The bling shirts look like this:

Abigail Bling Shirts

If you want to learn more you can just click on these words.

You have to order by Friday, Dec. 4.  Not to nag but that's coming up quick.

So now I want to tell you about a little "situation" that went on here the other day. It has to do with Thanksgiving salad.

Turns out my roommate found some special lettuce for the holiday. It's called "buttercrunch."

She brought it downstairs to show to me and Little Fang. Even though she was in the middle of cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

That's how amped  up she was.

"It's from an indoor farm Belinda." I could see the lettuce inside two plastic tubs. She put them on the floor so I could look at the labels on top.

"Everything they grow is extra tasty and safe. No bugs."

She told us the buttercrunch was just part of a special salad she would serve for dinner.  My roommate likes salad almost as much as I do. 

So I want you to imagine that scene. Nice and calm, with everyone looking at the buttercrunch.  Everyone hungry. Thinking about a special holiday meal on the way.

Suddenly a flock of crows screamed in the kitchen. 

My roommate jumped about a foot in the air. So did I and Little Fang.

"The smoke detector!" 

She ran up the steps. After a bit the crow noise stopped. 

Then I guess my roommate got distracted with cooking. Because two minutes passed. Then three.

And she didn't come back downstairs. 

Little Fang and I looked at each other. Then we looked at the tubs of buttercrunch. 

Then we looked at each other again.

When you leave food on the floor it means something to a rabbit. Especially hungry rabbits who live on the bottom level.

If you come downstairs later and say "Where is that lettuce?" and you find the empty plastic tubs it's just one of those things that happens. Nobody can explain it.

Salads don't need buttercrunch without bugs. That's the nice things about salads. So there's no reason to get upset on a holiday because a recipe doesn't "pan out."

That's all I'm going to say for now.

Except that I hope you had a very nice Thanksgiving. I am grateful for you and for buttercrunch.



Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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