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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Abigail’s Big Idea(133)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 133 – Abigail’s Big Idea

Abigail rooted around in her hay tunnel until she found a piece of hay that smelled particularly good. She grabbed it with her teeth and yanked it out of the pile and began chewing on it. She liked to chew. It felt good. As she was chewing, she heard Dad say, “Abigail! The Rabbit Haven rescued a rabbit from a meat farm.”

Abigail stopped mid-chew. “A meat farm?” she thought, “How awful! Do humans eat rabbits?”

Dad continued, “Her name is Cassie. She had two litters that were both stillborn. And if all that wasn’t bad enough, she has a bad ear infection from mites. Now she has head tilt and can barely stand. Poor thing. She’s so cute, too.”

Abigail froze. She remembered when she had head tilt. It felt awful. She was so dizzy. She could barely stand up. She just wanted to curl up in Dad’s arms and sleep all the time. She felt so sorry for Cassie.

Dad said, “Auntie Heather is asking for donations to help pay for her medication and tests.”

Abigail looked up at Dad with her big brown eyes and asked, “Dad! Could we use some of the money we made from my shirt sales to help her? Please? I want to help her get better!”

Dad looked at Abigail, “Yes, of course, sweetie. I’ll do it right now.” Abigail watched Dad tap at his tablet. Then he said, “OK, done! Anything else?”

Abigail thought for a moment. Then she had a brilliant idea. She asked, “Dad, you know those pretty bling shirts you made for the women in your car club? Could you come up with something similar with a rabbit? I bet there are bun moms who would love to have something fashionable to wear that tells the world that they love rabbits.”

Dad said, “That’s a good idea. Let’s see what we can come up with.” Dad hunted through the hundreds of photos of rabbits he had taken until he found a cute one of Ollie, another Rabbit Haven alumini, standing on his back feet. “How’s this?” he asked Abigail. Abigail agreed, “That’s a cute picture!” Dad sent the picture off to Jennifer, the bling shirt maker, and asked her to “bling” Ollie.  

A couple of weeks later, Abigail was napping in her spot when Dad came through the front door and announced, “Abigail! They’re here! The prototype bling shirts!” Dad tore open the package and unfolded the shirts. The colored jewels sparkled in the afternoon sun.

“Ooohhhh, those are pretty!” said Abigail. There was “Natural Bling Bunny”, who was colored in browns and oranges and white to look like a real bunny, there was “Designer Blue Bunny” who sparkled dark blue with turquoise and silver, and there was “Designer Purple Bunny” who sported dark blue with amethyst purple and silver. Underneath each of them was a red heart and the word RABBITS in silver.

Dad said, “Well, let’s see if anyone wants these shirts.” Abigail hoped so. She desperately wanted to help her fellow bunnies in need. As her hero Peter Rabbit liked to say, “Even the smallest one can change the world!”

Abigail was small, but she was also mighty. She was a little rabbit with big ideas!

Cassie and Cady holding Abigail


Review the Bling Shirt Options page, then open the order form document. Cut and paste the text into an email with your choices and send the email to Dad. Instructions include how to pay via PayPal or check. Please place your order by December 4th, 2020.

Abigail Bling Shirts

Abigail Bling Shirts


Please review the shirt information on the “Bling Shirt Options” page. Then, copy/paste and email the information below the divider line to Abigail’s Dad at and send $40/shirt + $5 postage through PayPal to If you don’t use PayPal, send Dad an email for an address to mail a check to. 100% of the profits go to Abigail’s rescue fund to help rabbits in need.

Please note, shirts are made-to-order and not returnable. Shirts are machine washable (jewels will not come off.)

Please order by December 4th, 2020. Allow 3 weeks for delivery.

  • Custom Order Information: Don’t like black shirts and want a different color? No problem. Other colors are available (may require additional time.) Want to match your own bunny’s colors? Easy. Please review the color chart on the “Bling Shirt Options” page. Custom orders are available for an additional $10/shirt. Custom order shirts are made-to-order and not returnable. 


Order Information to copy/paste and email:







Note, all shirts are women’s cut and black to make the colors pop.

  • SPECIFY SLEEVE LENGTH (long sleeve or short sleeve):
  • SPECIFY SIZE (See size chart on “Bling Shirt Options” sheet for measurements):
  • SPECIFY RABBIT COLOR (Natural orange/brown, Designer Blue/turquoise, Designer Blue/purple):
  • There are three colors on the rabbit design. You can select any color for each of the three areas. See “Bling Shirt Options” sheet for available jewel colors. Simply specify which jewel color you want for each of the 3 zones on the chart: 1) ____________ 2) ______________       3) _______________

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