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Belinda Says Hay: “Money from Santa”

Belinda Says Hay "Money from Santa"

Hello. It’s Belinda.

I hope you had a good Christmas. Everyone here at home woke up to a nice pile of “loot” waiting under the tree.  Even the English, who did not deserve anything after what he pulled.

Abigail sent me a gift, which was a nice surprise. Some willow branches from California, where she lives. Willow is a “leafy delight” in my opinion. Hard to find here in Pittsburgh.

willow wreath for Belinda Spokesrabbbit

I was in such a good mood that I shared it with the others. Still plenty in my stash though.

Part of the reason I was so cheery is that I solved my big problem with Abigail’s gift. Namely not having any money to buy her the computer gadget I saw online.

That’s because I had a bit of a “windfall.” Completely unexpected.

It all started a few days before Christmas, when my roommate left the house to go grocery shopping. I usually greet her at the door when she comes home just in case she needs help with the endive. You never know.

Anyway, the minute she walked into the house, she started waving an envelope through the air.

“Belinda look! You got mail!”

Now I get mail at my PO box all the time but my roommate calls it “junk mail.” Throws it in the recycling bin. Which is rude because I like to chew certain items like magazine covers and catalogs. If it’s my mail I should have a chance to rummage through the stack.

Well somehow she knew this was not junk mail. It was a card and the envelope was a little lumpy, like there was something extra inside.

After she put the groceries away, my roommate sat on the floor so I could watch her open the envelope at eye level.

“There’s no return address, Belinda. I wonder who sent it!”

She pulled out the card. The front had a drawing of Santa Claus. It was old-timey, if you know what I mean. He was sitting in a big chair by a fireplace. There was snow outside the window.

She opened the card and a gift card fell to the floor. From Amazon. We stared at each other.

Then we read the message inside. It said “Merry Christmas” and it was signed, “A Friend.”

I didn’t know what to do. I have never had anything like this happen to me in my entire life.

“Belinda, isn’t this exciting? Someone sent you some ‘Amazon money.’”

Here’s the weird part. The amount of money on the card was exactly what I needed to buy Abigail’s gift. I bought her a fancy computer keyboard. Easier for typing. It even lights up.

My roommate took care of the shipping and “what not.” Abigail says she loves it.

If my “mystery Santa” is reading this, thank you for the Amazon card. It came just in time.

The entire year has been one surprise after the next, if you think about it. My surprise party. Not being fired for hiring Abigail. Traveling to the airport to meet the Las Vegas rabbits. The company giving me my own mug and Belinda’s Blend herbal mix. Getting a comment box on my blog. Dale Carnegie and the notary.

Tuesday is the new year and I say “bring it on.” I’m looking forward to 2019.

As I learned this year, you never know what’s around the corner.

On the one hand that makes me jumpy. But it also makes me want to take a peek.



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