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Belinda Says Hay: “More Photos of You-Know-What”

Hello. It's Belinda. 

First things first. Did you see the interview with Abigail, the novelist? ​ 

Read part one here and part two here. 

She answers a lot of questions about her life in California. I think you will like it.

​The ads for my 2nd Cut Timothy & Alfalfa Hay Combo Box​ are "in review" again. I'm on draft 10 or 15. I stopped counting if you want to know the truth. Come on.

Anyway, last week I published some of your photos in my blog. This week I'm using the rest. Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo.

I hope it didn't alarm anyone to see those rabbits and guinea pigs giving "The Look." I'm only trying to help. 

​Pikachu is just a baby but he has already "mastered" a fierce expression. That face could stop a six-foot roommate in his tracks.

Imagine what he'll do when he's grown up. "If you dare."

Pikachu's best friend is Blue Ivy. I know you want to "baby talk" her but I wouldn't if I were you. Don't be fooled by the hairdo.

​Doppler would like to be reasonable about things but he is done trying. 

​When I have "writer's block" this is what I see in my mind. Whiskey Rex and other rabbits who don't approve of my blogs.

​They want to edit them for one reason or another before I even start writing. ​I'm sorry if this isn't professional to say but now you know.

PS: This goes double for ads.

​Hayes is watching you clean his "living quarters" and you're doing it wrong. ​

When you are trying to make a point, sometimes you have to put your foot down. Bambi is really "dotting the i" with that right leg.

Which means this is not a negotiation. Not anymore.

Brady and Brody agree that you are in "double trouble."

​Brody is so annoyed he is frowning in his sleep. While Brady gives you a "side look."

You might be distracted by the muscles. I don't blame you. Somebody works out and I mean multiple times a day.

​But Sir Timothy Hayeater wants you to think about something else. It's called a snack and according to his ear position it is 17 minutes late.

Speaking of snack. It's almost time for my afternoon hay.

I hope you have a good week.



Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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