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Through Abigail’s Eyes: The Interview, part 2 (118)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 118 – The Interview – Part 2

It was almost time for dinner. Abigail got up from her nap, stretched, and yawned a big yawn. “Oh, the interview!” she thought, “Need to get back to that!”

She ran over to Dad, who was working on his computer in the dining room. Dad said, “Well hi there, little one. Did you have a good nap? Are you ready to continue?” Abigail thought, “Yes! I’m all rested now!”

Q: I just wanted to say what a cute bunny you! You remind me of my first bunny Violet. You look just like her. She came to live with me when she was a baby and lived 12 years 2 months.  She loved to binky and hop on the couch to steal my seat. She would sit on the back of the couch and groom my eyebrows. She loved to give kisses. She enjoyed sitting on my shoulder to look out the car window and chew my seatbelt. Any trips longer than a block or two away and she got seatbelted into her carrier. She made it known that she didn't approve. She was a regular visitor to the library. She also liked to visit the preschool classes at the local Y. I show your picture my current bunny DaisyMae and tell her that's what her big sister looked like. Keep up with your blog, we love reading it together. ~ Maureen

A: Aww, thanks! Violet sounds like a wonderful bunny who had a great life. She sounds very outgoing. I bet you miss her. You’re lucky you had twelve years together! I hope Dad and I have that much time. Was she a Dwarf like me?

Q: When are you going to come visit me?? ~ Gizmo

A: Awww, Gizmo. How are you and your brothers? (see chapter 50) Dad says it’s hard to travel right now. I guess we’ll have to Facetime.

Q: Hi sweet Abigail, We look so forward to your blog each week and share it with other bunny parents because it is always so heartwarming. Your bunny dad loves you very much which is quite obvious, as well as other sweet babies. Our parents adopted us from the local rescue and we are so happy in our forever home. Has you bunny dad ever thought of bonding you with other bunnies? We know it's not always an easy process, but sure pays great dividends. Hoppy Tails, Winston and Hannah

A: Hi Winston and Hannah. I’m glad you guys found bond mates. I know it works for some bunnies. Mocha and Hobo hit it off right away, and they are “thick as thieves” now. In chapter 65, Dad took Bentley and me on a bun date. It didn’t go so well. We tried several times, but finally, I just got tired of Bentley always nipping at me and had enough! Bentley and I agreed we were both happier having Dad to ourselves in our own area and not having to share him or food or space. I guess like people, some bunnies are happier being single and some are happier being couples.

Q: Hi Abigail. Because of RHD, new rabbits at BUNS have a 10 day quarantine in a very boring place. They get their hay, salad and pellets. I have been giving healthy snackers, Belinda's Blend, and Tranquility Blend. What would you recommend to make the time pass? ~ Jean for the Pillsbury Bunnies

A: Life in a shelter can be like that too. It can drive you crazy! Dad got a taste of what it feels like in chapter 59. Bunnies like to forage. You could try doing what we did in chapter 84, and stuff some brown bags with hay and the treats you’re already giving them so the bunnies would have something to dig through. Here’s a tip. Sometimes, you have to tear the bag open a little to help them get started. Once they smell the goodies inside, they’ll know what to do.

In chapter 98, Dad gave me a “birthday cake”. I call it a foraging ball. It’s kind of a more elaborate version of the gift bag. He weaves willow branches into a big ball and then stuffs it with different kinds of hay and hides some of my favorite treats deep inside. Then I have to burrow into the ball to find stuff. It’s a lot of fun, and a big ball can last a week or more!

Q: Hi Abigail I was wondering what can I give my Ebony besides her romaine lettuce, blueberry, carrots, apple, and parsley to eat. She also eats pellets plus her hay. ~ Dora

A: Variety is the spice of life. Those all sound good! Some things I like to eat are cilantro, dandelion leaves, kale, carrot tops, banana slices, grapes, and (pitted) fresh cherries. (Everything in moderation, of course.) We bunnies have different tastes, so Ebony may not like all the same stuff, but it’s worth a try. Hint: even if she doesn’t try it right away, keep serving it a few times. Sometimes it takes us awhile to “come around”.

Q: What is your favorite time of day and do you have a favorite toy? Maybe a picture of it if you do. ~ Beverly

A: My favorite time of day is between 11 PM and 2 AM. That’s when I like to play, forage, and get my pets. My favorite toy is a willow ball, which I talk about in chapter 47. Dad and I play toss. The ball is bigger than my head, but I’m getting better at tossing it pretty far!

“OK, Abigail, that’s it. You’re done!” said Dad. Abigail thought, “That was nice of everyone to write to me! Can we play now?”

In Part 2 of the interview, Abigail answers questions like "What is your favorite toy?"

In Part 2 of the interview, Abigail answers questions like "What is your favorite toy?"

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