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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Abigail’s Birthday (98)


CHAPTER 98 – Abigail’s Birthday

“Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Abigail

Happy Birthday to you,” sang Dad as he entered the room.

Abigail looked up and wondered what Dad was up to. He was carrying a big green ball in his hands.

“It’s your birthday, sweetie. Time to celebrate you!” announced Dad, “I for one, am glad that you came into this world and have graced my life with your presence. I made this cake for you. Well, it’s sort of a cake and sort of a present.”

Every year, Dad tried to come up with a new “recipe” for a rabbit-friendly cake. This year, he picked some fresh willow branches and tried to weave them into a ball. It became evident that he should have taken that basket-weaving class in college—it barely resembled a ball.

Never-the-less, he stuffed it full of Abigail’s favorite foods; Small Pet Select alfalfa hay, oat hay, some snackers, some raw pumpkin seeds, some raw sunflower seeds, and a few dried papaya treats. It was a birthday cake she could both play with and eat.

Dad set the ball down in front of Abigail. It was almost as big as she was. She looked the ball over with curiosity and carefully sniffed it. “Looks weird, but smells pretty good,” she thought.

Abigail started by nibbling at the willow leaves. Her sensitive nose detected tastier treats inside. Dad watched as she burrowed her nose into the ball. Sure enough, she found a tasty papaya treat and pulled it out to enjoy.

Dad smiled. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked.

“Happy Birthday, little one. You are loved and cherished,” he whispered.

Abigail digs into her funny-looking cake to find a tasty treat.

​Abigail digs into her funny-looking cake to find a tasty treat.

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