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Through Abigail’s Eyes: The Interview, part 1 (117)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 117 – The Interview – Part 1

Abigail stared at the iPad. She thought, “Dad! There are lots of questions here for me. Can you help?”

Dad came over and sat down beside her and said, “Sure, what do you need?” Abigail thought, “Read me the questions and I’ll tell you what to type.” Abigail preferred that Dad did the typing. He was much faster at it.

Q: What do you think about all the buns in your house now competing for Dad’s attention? Our mom would like to get more buns but she’s afraid she won’t be able to spend as much time with us and we will give her the bunny butt. ~ Rasinet & Goober

A: Well, as Belinda says, “To tell the truth…” I liked it better when it was just me. I got all of Dad’s attention. He would spend the entire evening with me. Now he disappears for a couple of hours a night to spend time with “the boys”. I understand that they needed homes, so I don’t give Dad the bunny butt.

Q: How can you be so cute? ~ Belinda

A: Aww, thanks. I don’t know. Dad says it’s because the bun fairy sprinkled a double dose of cuteness dust on me when I was born. I don’t really remember.

Q: How is your garden growing? ~ Liz

A: The magic garden I talked about in Chapter 40 kinda dries up during the summer. It will come back this winter, though.

Q: Do you like watching cartoons on TV? My Ebony watches Looney Tunes every day. ~ Dora

A: That’s neat that Ebony likes watching cartoons. I’ve never seen them. I’ll have to ask Dad about that.

Q: I have two little dwarf bunnies that always have me read your column. They would love to know what breed you are. TJ thinks that you are a Netherland Dwarf like him, where as Mitsty doesn’t think so. Please settle this dispute. ~ Diane K

A: TJ is right! I am a Netherland Dwarf. Dad says we are “spunky”. Whatever that means.

Q: My two year-old Netherland Dwarf bunny, Deacon, has decided he hates his Dad. Mom is OK, but he lunges at Dad, bites his ankles, and even grabs his pants and shakes them like a dog. How can Dad get in Deacon’s good graces again? We love your blog and read it faithfully. Hopefully, you can help us find a peaceful home again. ~ Susan

A: Hard to say why Deacon hates Dad without talking to him. Has Dad done something different? Is he playing too aggressively or teasing Deacon? Does he have a new smell? Is he taking Mom’s attention away? All I can say is “patience”. Approach gently. Go slow. Bring treats. Be patient. Kinda sounds like dating, doesn’t it?

Q: I love your blogs everyday!  My mom shares them with me :). My family loved your chocolate bars last year too! How are the spaceship buns getting along in their newly decorated digs?  And do you 4 buns in your house every hang out together? ~ Lola Bun

A: Glad you like my blogs, Lola Bun! Mocha and Hobo have adjusted to the starship room. They probably would have been fine with a concrete slab, but now that the room is nicer, Dad spends more time with them and can lay on the floor with them, which they like a lot. Hobo even binkied the other day. No, we never hang out all together. We’ve tried that, but it didn’t work “if you know what I mean.” Glad you liked the chocolate bars. I’m working on a new fundraiser for this year. Stay tuned.

Q: Sometimes when I'm playing with my bun he growls at me. Is he irritated or just playing? ~ Tammy

A: Hard to say for sure. You kinda have to read his body language. If his ears are back and he lunges, he’s probably irritated. If he just grunts a little, he may just be playing. I’ll grunt at Dad when we are playing, but if I’m really irritated (not very often), I’ll grunt and lunge at him.

Q: Have you ever been to a bunny hop? ~ Melissa

A: Yes, I went to a couple of bunny hops. To be honest, I didn’t really like them. I’m kind of shy and all those bunnies were so much bigger than I am. Last time, I just hopped into Dad’s arms and he held me the whole time. That and the vet visits are the only time I like being held!

Q: What are your favorite treats? ~ Jack In The Bag

A: My current favorite treat is dried papaya. I like fresh apple slices, too. What are yours?

Q: Do you prefer your space carpeted or 'plain'? Or is it a mix so you can choose depending on your mood? ~ Diane M

A: I’m a carpet girl, myself. I feel more secure when I have traction. I refuse to step on hardwood floors. I talk about that in Chapter 17. Tile is OK, but only when necessary.

Q: Have you ever been picky with your hay? If you had, how did dad help you? ~ Andrea

A: I like variety. And fresh of course. That’s why we only have Small Pet Select hay. Unlike some buns in the house (ahem Hobo), I’m pretty good at self-regulating, so Dad just puts three kinds of hay in my hay tunnel and lets me choose what I’m in the mood for. Oat hay is my favorite, followed by alfalfa (I hear it’s fattening, so I don’t eat too much of it, but it sure is good!), and then orchard hay. Never cared much for Timothy hay, though. Which is fine with Dad, since he’s allergic to it.

Abigail’s eyes started to close. She thought, “Dad, this is fun, but it’s time for my half-nap. Could we finish this later?

Dad said, “Sure, sweetie. I’m going to go work on some other stuff and we can go back to this after your nap.”

Abigail hopped off behind the couch for her afternoon nap.

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