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Belinda Says Hay: “Rabbit Standard Time”

Hello. It's Belinda.

I hope you had a good week.

"Happy spring" to you and yours.

Did you have a chance to check out the "Cutest Cutie of Them All" photo contest?

Be sure to enter. You could win free hay for a year and that's just for starters.

I have been working on a "personal project" all week. It has to do with Daylight Saving Time.

As I mentioned, I'm not participating. I didn't "spring ahead" last Sunday.

I can't take all this back and forth. So I invented my own system.

I call it "Rabbit Standard Time."


You base it on your homeland.

For example, I'm from New Zealand. That's what it says on my papers from the shelter.

So instead of Pittsburgh time, I'm 17 hours in the future. That's because in New Zealand it's tomorrow already.

I did the math for Abigail too. The novelist I hired.

She lives in California but she's a "dwarf" from the Netherlands. Which is eight hours ahead of California in Rabbit Standard Time.

A certain rabbit who lives on the bedroom level is from England. My roommate calls him her "English Spot." I can hear her through the vents. None of my business but it's a silly nickname. 

Anyway if he takes a "long holiday" back home to London he'll be four hours into the future. A nice thought especially if he stays there. It's not professional to put this in my blog.

I ran the numbers for my boyfriend too. He never mentioned his homeland but my roommate said something about him being "a" Cinnamon. 

I looked that up and I found a place called "Cinnamon Gardens" in Colombo. Which is in Sri Lanka and that's nine hours ahead in "RST."

This math is hard.

You might be wondering about my boyfriend's companion, also known as "Little Fang." 

That's a big mystery if you want to know the truth.

I asked where she was born and she just stared at me.

"I need to know where you were before you moved here," I said. 

"So I can figure out your Rabbit Standard Time."

She stared at me for another minute.  

Then she said it.

"I came from that lady's house."

I don't have time for this.



Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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