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Belinda Says Hay: ”Rules for Visiting Rabbits”

Belinda Says Hay spokesrabbit blog. "Rules for Visiting Rabbits" June 25 2023

Hello. It's Belinda.

Did you see Abigail's novel chapter the other day?

It's called "rabbit rule book."

She wrote about her human, "Dad," and her rabbit roommate Bentley. What they think about the rules rabbits are supposed to follow in the house.

It got me thinking.

Especially after what happened here recently. I'm talking about the English behaving poorly. Which is redundant if you know what I mean.

To keep him in line, I had to sleep “in the eye of the hurricane." With all the noisy wind.

The good news is it worked. He stopped all of his “antics" after I told him off.

It shouldn't come to that by the way. I don’t like drama.

Anyway, after reading Abigail's story, I started to wonder if the English just doesn’t know the rules. Maybe nobody told him about “visitor etiquette.“

Such as "stay out of my alfalfa."

It's for special occasions only. My roommate doesn't give me much. She says it's for young rabbits. Well I feel young but she still won't budge.

Another good rule is "use the litter box." For obvious reasons. Come on.

Plus there's "no thumping after 6 p.m."

And "keep your nose out of my stash."

Also "don’t look at me when I’m working."

Last but not least "if you can’t say anything nice, just keep scrolling."

For most rabbits that would be plenty to remember. But there's a very important rule I need to add. Especially for the English.

And that's "don't flirt with other rabbits." 

If you're part of a bonded pair, fine. Flirt all you want with each other.

But if you're staying at a new house as a foster rabbit, or boarding somewhere while your human is away, I think you should keep your "googly eyes" to yourself.

For example, don't whisper and giggle with Little Fang. If she talks nonsense to you at 2 o'clock in the morning, just pretend to be asleep.

Otherwise you get her hopes up. And then I have to listen to the same questions over and over.  

"Do you think he's cute?"

"Do you think he likes me?" 

By the way my answer to both questions is stop talking about him. The English is a troublemaker and he'll never settle down.

Plus the roommate has spoiled him beyond repair as far as I'm concerned. He gets everything he wants.

Well this blog has unfortunately gone "off the rails." I was supposed to write a guide to good behavior for all rabbits.

Instead I wasted this entire blog writing about the English.

He's not even down here on the bottom level anymore. And yet he's still causing trouble.

I hope you have a good week. Drink extra water.



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