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Belinda Says Hay: “SHHHH”

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Hello. It's Belinda. 


That's right. I had to write a "memo" to the tech team. 

Because I'm losing it if you want to know the truth. Trying to pull off my secret plan. Also known as a "scheme."

By the way I had to research "how to write a memo." It's harder than it looks. A lot of steps.

Anyway. Sorry I'm jumping around so much.

I thought I would have "Part 1" ready to go today. For this blog. 

But I need a comment box to pull it off. And I've hit a snag.

Last week I added a comment box to my blog. Thank you to everyone who left a message. I really appreciate it.

But get this. A lot of people couldn't see it.

Turns out it has something to do with "tech." The browser you use.  Or whether you use a laptop or a "tablet."

The tech team is helping me to sort it all out.

Which is a big relief because I need everyone to see my scheme. I don't have time for browser nonsense. Come on.

​But that's not all.

I wasted a lot of time this week looking for a gift card.

When I found a gift card a few months ago, I had the time of my life shopping for snacks on the website.

You would think if you find a gift card behind the couch that would be just the beginning. Not the case.

And there was one more "snag" this week.

My roommate decided to take me on a "joy ride."

Loaded me into the carrier. Kept asking if I was comfortable. I was fine.

Once we're in the car I can't see anything. Just trees and telephone lines. Had no idea where she was taking me.

I nodded off and when I woke up I saw buildings. 

"Sorry for the traffic jam, Belinda. We'll be back home soon."

I had work to do. No time for driving downtown and back just "for kicks."

When we pulled into the driveway 20 minutes later she asked me again. 

"Are you doing OK? Did you like that little ride?"

I ignored her.

Two days later, same thing. Loads me into the carrier, drives me around for no reason, then brings me back home.

Asks me if I'm comfortable. How can I be comfortable with all these deadlines.

So there you go.

You can see why my "big reveal" isn't ready today. I hope you will check back next week.

I am not making any promises but let's just say "the tech team is on it."



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