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Belinda Says Hay: “I Found Some Money”

Belinda Says Hay: I Found Some Money

Hello. It's Belinda. 

The holiday weekend is here and I hope you are having a good one.

Last year my roommate and I went away for Memorial Day weekend. I created a “quick photo blog” about it because it was so last-minute.

I had a lot of deadlines so I wanted to stay home and work. But she made me go. Said I needed a break and turned out I did. The change of scene was relaxing.

This year we’re “staying put” and that’s fine with me. I need to be home for my deliveries.

That’s right. My "auto-ship" orders are starting to arrive.

The first box showed up about a week ago. I was sleeping on the bottom level when the truck pulled up. So I didn’t hear a thing.

I woke to the sound of my roommate walking down the steps.

“Look at this Belinda. Another surprise from Josh.”

She opened the box for me. I looked in and saw four bags of alfalfa cubes and four bags of Flower Power Berry Boost.

It's true that Josh sent me a box of goodies for my birthday. But he had nothing to do with this delivery of snacks.

I let my roommate think whatever she wanted. None of her business to be honest.

A few days later the same thing happened. This time, when my roommate opened the box, she pulled out the toy sampler

It had 12 toys inside. Fidget sticks, husk ball, honeysuckle ring.

“Josh is really spoiling you with all these gifts, Belinda.”

I just chewed on a fidget stick and ignored her.

A few days later, the hay I ordered “hit the porch.” A 20-pound box of 1st Cutting Timothy Hay.

When my roommate carried it downstairs, she didn’t say a word. Just placed the box on the hay shelf.

She gave me a “side look” and walked back up the steps.

The next morning, I was working on hay reports when suddenly I heard odd noises on the ceiling. Loud scraping and shuffling sounds. Also creaking.

I ran upstairs and when I turned the bend to the living room I froze in my tracks.

The furniture was pushed away from the walls. My roommate was on her hands and knees behind the couch.

When she heard me “hit the brakes” she turned her head toward me.

“Belinda. I’m glad you’re here.”

She didn’t look glad.

“I lost a gift card. I think I dropped it in this room. It looks like a credit card but there's no name on it.”

I could hear my heart inside my ears.

“Did you find something on the floor that looks like a credit card?”

The question was confusing in my opinion.

Did she lose a gift card or a credit card? Hard to tell with the way she words things.

I might have found some junk mail under the couch. You could call it a "card." 

It had numbers on it that I punched into the website. To buy snacks and toys and such.

Which makes it more like cash than a gift card.

While this was running through my mind my roommate was staring at me. 

I was getting ready to turn and walk away when a truck pulled up. We heard the driver outside, then a box bump against the front door.

My roommate brought it inside. It was a case of Belinda's Blend herbal mix.

Things are pretty quiet around here since all that happened.

The good news is I have plenty of toys and snacks.



Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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