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Belinda Says Hay: “The Love of My Life, Part 1”

Belinda the Spokesrabbit Blog: The Love of My Life, Part 1

Hello. It's Belinda.

Happy Valentine's Day. "To you and your honey bunny."

Be sure to check out our special Valentine's Day treats.  I don't want to nag but it's limited time only. So "hop to it."

Sorry for the bad pun. I have some extra "pep" today.

That's because I put together a special blog for Valentine's Day.

It's about my former boyfriend. Only boyfriend if you want to know the truth.

Writing this blog felt a little awkward because he lived with "Little Fang." That's why I call her my boyfriend's companion.

Not awkward for her or for me. Rabbits don't care.

But I don't want anyone to think I was trying to pull a fast one. It wasn't like that at all.

Another part that's awkward is he isn't with us now.  He had a lump. You can read about that here.

Little Fang and I talk about him all the time. We're not sad anymore.   

And I hope you are not sad when you read this #valentinesdaychallenge2021 about my boyfriend.

I found the questions on Facebook. It's fun.

How did you guys meet:  He and "Little Fang" were foster rabbits but they stayed.

First date: He escaped the kitchen and walked down to the bottom level. 

How long were you together: Two years or maybe five. I'm not good with math.

Married: Come on.

Age difference: Not sure. He was born in a "petting zoo" and I'm from New Zealand. We could never get a straight answer about our birthdays. I celebrate mine on April 22.

Who was interested first: He was. That's why he showed up at the fence at the bottom of the stairs.

Who was taller: Me. I'm always the tall one.

Who said I love you first: This isn't professional.

Most impatient: Me. He was easy-going. Used to tell me to "just go with the flow." Not my thing if you know what I mean. I have deadlines for work.

Most sensitive: If you're talking about bright lights, me. I don't care for a lot of light.

Loudest: Me when I'm thumping. Him when climbing out of the exercise pen.

Most stubborn: Him. Kept coming down the steps to visit me even though I said "go back upstairs to your companion." (Little Fang.) I didn't want any drama.

Fell asleep first: Me. I nod off a lot.

Cooks better: I don't understand this question. TO THE TECH TEAM PLEASE DELETE THIS.

Neat freak: Definitely not him or Little Fang. "No further comment."

Better morning person: Him. I'm grumpy until I eat.

Better driver: I'm leaving this one blank.

Most competitive: Him. Eventually we all lived on the bottom level. Every night he and I would "do laps" around the room. I had to stop and take a breather after two laps but he kept running. Little Fang would just stand inside the pen and watch him race past. 

Cried more: No crying but I thumped more. 

Funniest: Him. He liked to call me "nicknames" like Babba, Beebe and Bubbles. I would say that's not my name and he'd come up with something worse. I couldn't get any work down with all that going on.

Where did you eat out most as a couple? The kitchen.

Who was more social? He liked everybody.

Where was your first kiss? Though the fence at the bottom of the steps. 

Who planned date night? He got out of the pen every night for our laps. So I guess he planned it.

Who had more tattoos? I have a "dot" in my ear. That means I'm spayed.

Who spent the most? Me if I have a gift card.

Where is the furthest you two traveled together? The second floor.

So that's it. An "intro" to my boyfriend.

I hope you liked it.

Next week I will have a drawing of him in my blog. It's my Valentine's Day project.

I hope you have a relaxing day. Snuggle your best buddy if you can.



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