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Belinda Says Hay: “Treats for Humans, Part 2”

Belinda Says Hay spokesrabbit blog, "Treats for Humans, Part 2" June 23, 2024

Hello. It's Belinda.

This blog is a bit unusual. "To put it mildly."

I had to get permission to publish it. 

This is actually "part two" of the blog I wrote last week.

You can read it here.

Last week's blog is called "Treats for Humans." And that's exactly what it's about.

All I wanted to do is give my roommate a surprise to lift her spirits. She's been a little grumpy ever since she broke her arm.

I decided to start by giving her a loop. 

That's either a Country Loop or a Woodland Loop.

Maybe even a Meadow Loop. You can see all the flavors here.

One afternoon last week, just after lunch, I carried the loop in my mouth upstairs to the living room. My roommate was napping on the couch.

I dropped the loop on the floor in front of the television. I wanted to make sure she would see it when she woke up.

I returned to the bottom level and told Little Fang what I had done. She nodded.

She thought the whole thing was an excellent idea by the way. I don’t know what the English thought of my plan. Not my concern.

A few hours later, I heard my roommate talking on the phone. I could hear her through the ceiling.

So I walked upstairs to see if she had found the treat.

The answer is yes. And for some reason, she put it on the floor near the wall behind the couch.

I didn’t say anything. Maybe she doesn’t like loops.

The next day I tried again. This time I took a Healthy Snacker and dropped it on the floor in front of the TV.

She was in the bathroom at the time. I could hear water running. My roommate has to be extra careful around water because she’s not allowed to get her cast wet.

After I dropped off the snacker I returned to the bottom level. I worked under the utility sink the rest of the day.

Later, when I returned to the living room, I found my roommate lying on the couch, quietly reading a book. She held it with her good hand.

I glanced toward the TV and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The snacker was gone. "Mission accomplished."

Nope. Once again, I found it at the entrance of my tunnel behind the couch. 

“If you’re looking for your snacker, you dropped it on the floor. Just like that loop yesterday."

My roommate's voice was a bit "frosty" if you know what I mean.

“I need you to be more careful Belinda. We have to keep all tripping hazards off the floor."

Then she said it.

"I don’t want to fall on my arm again.“

Come on.

First of all if you trip over a Healthy Snacker we’re all in trouble.

Secondly, my roommate kicks off her shoes by the front door and they land in a heap. Sometimes I run into them in the dark.

Well I don’t want to complain about her. Poor thing can't even tie her shoes right now.

And I don’t regret offering her treats. Even if I ended up with a scolding.

If you’re wondering if I ate them I did.



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