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Belinda Says Hay: “What Time Is It?”

Belinda Says Hay Blog Masthead: What Time Is It?

Hello. It's Belinda.

Last week my blog was extra long. Not this one. 

I'm "out of gas" if you want to know the truth.

Can't sleep. Too worried about the blue moon.

I wish my roommate had never mentioned it. I might not have noticed the moon changing colors.

And on Halloween of all nights. 

Not to mention the "fall back" nonsense. I mean with the clocks. 

Every six months I write about Daylight Saving Time.

There was the time when I melted into the floor.

And the time I found out I was born on the International Date Line.

Then there's last spring. When my roommate made me watch The Dark Side of the Bun.

I "make my case" and nothing changes.

So this time I'm trying something new. Maybe they'll listen and stop fooling around with time. 

Instead of writing a blog I drew some pictures. It's about a dream I had a few days ago. While I tossed and turned. 

In my dream I saw it.

I saw the blue moon.

"Why are you blue?" I said.

The moon didn't answer.

"Go back to your normal moon color," I said. 


"Whatever you're up to, I'm not a fan," I said. "Come on."

I stared at the blue moon for such a long time I nodded off. 

When I woke up the moon was orange.

"Happy Halloween," said the moon.

I didn't know what to say.

"I'm sorry to bother you," said the moon. "But do you have the time?"

Oh no.

The moon smiled at me while I looked for my watch. 

The thing is I don't have a watch. 

I moved some hay around on the floor. Stalling.

"Belinda. It's eight o'clock!" said my roommate. 

Not now. The moon is outside. 


Why is she even awake at this hour. 

I looked up to tell the moon to ignore my roommate when I saw it.  

It was morning already. 

But everything out the window was still dark. Like nighttime.

I could hear my roommate opening and closing the refrigerator. I heard bags.

She stood at the top of the steps.

"It's eight o'clock, ladies! Breakfast in five minutes."

I'm going to end this blog here.

Because mealtime is the only time that isn't nonsense right now.



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