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Belinda Says Hay: “Why Rabbits Lick, Part 2”

Belinda Says Hay spokesrabbit blog. "Why Rabbits Lick, Part 2?" Aug 6 2023

Hello. It's Belinda.

Last week I asked you to help me write my blog about a certain "mystery."

That mystery is "Why do rabbits lick?"

My friend Julie K started the whole thing with a comment on the company Facebook page. Her friend Poppy licks her hand at bedtime and she asked me what it means.

I have no idea. Which is embarrassing if you want to know the truth.

Spokesrabbits are supposed to "speak for rabbits."

So I asked all of you for suggestions. And you really "stepped up to the plate" with your answers.

Janet G said rabbits lick “to get attention for more treats!!” 

Which sounds like a good "hypothesis." 

Teri O wrote that "My roommate got lots of other rescue bunz to care for and some times she comes in late and exhausted so I like to groom and clean her to show how much we appreciate her hard helps her to relax to show she's part of the fluffle."

It's extra thoughtful to make your roommate feel like they're a rabbit. Way to go.

Rachel MDJ left a comment that said "Little Miss Titch does it all the time as soon as I pick her up or give her any attention she starts to give kisses xx."

Today I learned something new about "xx." That means a rabbit licked you. Little Miss Titch sounds like a "good egg."


Fran K said that "It’s an affectionate greeting to only few people they are bonded with as their family. It’s a high honor and is through trust."

I think Fran K knows what she's talking about. Sounds like she "speaks rabbit" in my opinion.

Rosie M wrote something shocking. She said rabbits lick "to show their roomies how much they love them! My English, Carlos, does love to groom my pants too especially nylon or corduroy :)"

Did you notice that Carlos is English. And that he sounds pleasant and agreeable. Unlike someone I know.

Sami H wrote that the "mystery" behavior is "Definitely love. You're their pal!"

Cynthia S wrote that too. "Affection."

I'm starting to see a theme in these answers. Which is there's a lot of pleasant and agreeable rabbits out there. I wish I could meet some.  

Peggy using Pam K’s account wrote this: "Hi Belinda. Peggy here. I lick my roommate's hands because they smell like 2nd cut timothy hay, kale, cilantro and apple. They are like an appetizer. Plus, those hands always rub my face and head just right."

Did someone say cilantro? Peggy and I think alike. I could go for some cilantro right now as a matter of fact.

Lia used Heather B’s account to tell me this: "Hi Belinda _this is Lia. I live with Auntie Heather. I groom her anytime I get the chance- then I always get kisses too - Erin gives her kisses too- He is a goon... I noticed that my human does not have fur except on her head. Weird."

There's a lot going on at Lia's house. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Wina G said that licking is "their way of saying "I Luv You". Mieke squeezes next to me for pets and she licks me when I stop. Hmmm.... maybe it's more like- I'll groom you if you groom me."

Mieke really knows how to "talk" to her roommate. Good job Mieke. If you have any "tips" send them my way.

FoxyFennec using Kyra S’ account wrote this: "Meez needs salty from mumzy's paw arms. Youz cannut tell mai sekrit."

I won't tell your secret FoxyFennec. It's safe here in my blog.

Last but not least, Hazel and Pippin used Lissa R’s account to help me research this whole licking thing.

Hazel said "Sometimes when my mommy is holding me and kisses me on the cheek, I lick her neck."

Pippin said "I lick my mom when I want her to give me pets."

I can't believe I have all of this good information for my "database." This helps me to be a better spokesrabbit. I cannot thank everyone enough.

Now I want to say something important.

If you sent me an email "hold the hoe."

Because I am going to talk about those messages in next week's blog.

That's right. There's going to be a "Part 3."

When you ask a rabbit a question, this is what happens.



Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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