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Best Books on Gerbils

best books on gerbils

Gerbils are adorable, social, and furry small mammals. Small Pet Select was born from our love of pets to provide the freshest and highest quality product around. To support that, our staff is always looking to improve our knowledge base on all the species we support. We enjoy answering our valued customers’ questions, but we also love sharing excellent reads. Without further ado, here are our team's recommendations on the best gerbil books.


The Memoir

Gerbil on a flower

The Gerbil Farmer’s Daughter, Holly Robinson

The Gerbil Farmer's Daughter isn't just about gerbils. It's more about a daughter honoring her father in the most loving, charming way by telling the story of her magical childhood adventure. When Holly was a child, her dad became fascinated with gerbils. That fascination grew into caring for a few as family pets. And that fascination grew into a lifelong obsession, eventually breeding gerbils, settling on a remote 100-acre island, where they raised multiple animals… and 9,000 gerbils. If you want to get lost in a book for a while, this book about gerbils will help you do just that.

Care Guides

Gerbils: The Complete Guide to Gerbil Care, Donna Anatasi

Suppose you want to literally know the whole shebang about gerbils. This book about gerbils covers everything from A to G. The author starts off with some natural history and a high-level overview of their behavior. This all-encompassing book on gerbil care addresses the following topics: housing, socialization, preventative care (super important!), health concerns, ideas for games, art projects, and training.

Gerbil in bedding

Giggle's Guide to Caring for Your Gerbils (Pets' Guides), Isabel Thomas

Giggle the Gerbil gives advice from their perspective on the best way to tend to your gerbil. This book about gerbils includes descriptive photos that support Giggle's tips for giving your fuzzy friend the best life.

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A Book for All Ages

Gerbil in fuzzy balls

Obi, Gerbil on the Loose!, Michael Delaney

While this sweet gerbil’s family goes on vacation, his caretaker forgets that they were supposed to check on tiny Obi. A gerbil has to eat, so Obi has no choice but to leave his cage to survive. On his adventures, Obi makes lots of friends but also encounters some danger. This cute, creative, written-from-a-gerbil's-point-of-view-book is sure to be a hit for the entire family.

To Relax

Gerbil Coloring Book for Adults, Sonya Cohen

Sometimes, you don't feel like reading, but you need a distraction. This adult gerbil coloring book comes with 50 grayscale gerbil pictures for your coloring pleasure. All the pages are single-sided, so you can adorn the refrigerator with your artwork. So unwind with your fave coloring implements in the coziest spot in your home and get to coloring some gerbils.

Sleeping gerbil

We hope you enjoyed our best gerbil books recommendations. What is your favorite way to learn to take care of your treasured pets? Do you have any books or sources you recommend? Please send your comments and suggestions to or post on our socials. 

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