Are guinea pigs nocturnal?


Are guinea pigs nocturnal?  That’s a question loads of us ask, and in many cases we get the answer that yes, they are.  But…. you knew there was a but coming up, I’m sure – the technical term to describe the sleeping habits and active behavior of guinea pigs is actually “crepuscular.”


So, what does that actually mean?  Are guinea pigs nocturnal or not?


Well, crepuscular is a word that literally means “twilight,” and is derived from the Latin word crepusculum.  And it describes many different animals, including our piggie pals, that are most active during these hours – both dawn and dusk.


But (oh look, there’s another one), this is natural behavior for pigs that live in the wild.  So, although our house pets of course conform to some extent to the same sleeping habits, they might well become a little conditioned to human waking hours – simply because they fall in line with our habits.  And this especially can be considered so when it comes to feeding time!


Crepuscular animals can also be active in times of bright moonlight – it’s the light that does it.  And for those of you who wonder what your piggies get up to whilst you’re enjoying your nightly eight hours, then take a look at this great “live guineacam” video.


Video courtesy of YouTube and uploaded by GuineaCamLive


As you can see, it clearly shows that this gang of piggies is extremely active in the middle of the night!


So, we at SPS were wondering if any of you out there have ever set up a “guineacam” or managed to take any pictures of what your pigs get up to at night time?  Or perhaps you’ve crept in late at night to catch your pets up to some late night shenanigans!


If so, why not share with our community.  We’d love to know.


Till next time – love those piggies…


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