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Caring for chinchilla teeth: what do chin chompers need?

Are your chilla's chompers healthy?

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As absolutely lovingly adorable and sweet chinchillas are, their teeth can be problematic. Like some other exotic animals, chinchilla teeth never stop growing. Ever. As long as they’re alive, their teeth are growing. So, if we don’t keep up with regular care, we’re putting our pets at risk.

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Tooth issues are easier to prevent than treat, so what’s required to keep our chinny chin’s teeth in tip-top shape?


Feed your chinchilla high-quality grass hay that promotes appropriate chewing. The more your chinchilla chews, the better for chinchilla teeth overgrowth prevention. Chew toys, chew toys, always chew toys. Your chinchilla has to be able to have safe assistance wearing down its teeth. But even if you’re the best chinchilla owner ever and make sure they always have these things, it's always possible that their teeth can become overgrown. 

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Annual wellness exams

Because chinchilla teeth are prone to problems, annual checkups are essential to ensure the teeth stay so fresh, clean, and so clean… and so not overgrown. 

Treatment for chinchilla teeth concerns

If your chinchilla’s teeth become overgrown, it’s required that they’re trimmed by your exotic veterinarian. Tooth trims don’t hurt as the procedure is done while your chin is under anesthesia. 

If you notice your chin’s teeth looking long, you need to get them to the vet to discuss an intervention plan. Don’t wait. Overgrown teeth can cause anorexia, trauma, and death, as chins lose the inability to chew or swallow. 

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The good news, again, is that chinchilla teeth can be easily managed if you stay on top of them. People like it when they hear, "you have a nice smile." And our chins do, too.

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