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What Makes a Rabbit Bite?

Whether or not a rabbit bites has more to do with their past life and their current environment than the personality they were born with. So, what makes a rabbit bite? Most often rabbits bite because they’re uncomfortable, scared, or even just surprised. A rabbit’s personality comes into play when you determine what they’re comfortable with. … Continue Reading

Hopping into Happiness: Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Rabbit Happy

Hopping into Happiness: Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Rabbit Happy

Have you ever wondered what makes your furry companion truly happy? Whether you’re a seasoned bunny parent or considering bringing a new bun into your life, we all want our pets to live their best lives. In our latest blog, we’re hopping into happiness, to unveil some tips & tricks to keep your rabbit happy … Continue Reading

Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes

Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes?

As devoted rabbit caregivers, it’s of utmost importance for our adorable companions to enjoy a yummy diet that’s both wholesome and balanced. But here’s the juicy question: do all fruits (or veggies masquerading as fruit) get the green light for our fruit-loving bunny buddies? An even juicer quandary: specifically, can rabbits eat tomatoes? Tomatoes have … Continue Reading

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