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Chinchilla Care 101 (Top 5 Essential Chinchilla Supplies You NEED To Have)

So, you’ve decided to dive into the world of chinchillas. You’re ready to bond with a furry fuzzy friend. But before you create this perfect match, it’s best to have all the chinchilla supplies they’ll need. That way your chinchilla will be all set to settle into their new space. And you’ll be settled as the new proud chinchilla owner.

Let's face it, there's a lot of options in the chinchilla world. It can be overwhelming. So let's make this as simple as possible and stick to the must-haves. 

In order to get your relationship with your chinchilla off to a great start, you need to get the low-down on chinchilla care 101 and gather all the essential chinchilla supplies. 

A Large Cage With Ledges and Hideouts

Let’s start with the big one. A chinchilla needs a cage with plenty of room because they’re very active. When choosing a chinchilla cage you want to get the biggest cage possible. And in that cage, you want to have platforms and definitely a hideout

chinchilla supplies

The best platforms and hideouts for your chinchilla will be made of wood because chinchillas love to chew! So keeping the accessories in their cage as natural as possible keeps your chinchilla safe and healthy. Just assume they will chew everything in their cage. 

Chinchilla Supplies You’ll Buy Regularly

Your chinchilla cage will go through various updates throughout your chinchilla’s life but it’s more of a constant than the other chinchilla supplies we’re going to mention. These next four products you’ll need to buy regularly. They’ll become a part of your monthly chinchilla budget! 

Timothy Hay

Next up, the food! Chinchillas need plenty of hay to keep their digestive systems up and running. Chinchillas need a high fiber, low-calcium, grass hay as free-choice food.

 Timothy hay is usually the best option for a healthy adult chinchilla. Every time you go to load up on chinchilla supplies, Timothy hay will be at the top of your list.

chinchilla supplies

Chinchillas’ teeth are always growing so it’s important that they have access to high-quality Timothy hay to wear down their teeth. Lots of chewing involved! If you want to keep the hay contained you can always get a hay manger to help keep things tidy.

Healthy treats can also be given to your chinchilla as long as they’re natural and don’t contain any added sugar. Hay cubes are a great option because it gives them something new, but are still made of exactly what they need most - hay!


You don’t want your chinchilla to be walking on wire so it’s important to cover cages with wire bottoms. Soft, absorbent bedding is used to cover the uncomfortable cage bottoms and also to put in a chinchilla’s litter box. Getting your chinchilla used to a litter box makes cleaning their cage much easier!

Make sure the bedding you choose is both natural and absorbent. You need something to keep your chinchilla’s cage clean but also something that keeps your chinchilla safe from chemicals.

Aspen shavings are perfect for chinchilla bedding. Our aspen shavings are sludge-free and low-dust. A must-have when shopping for chinchilla supplies. 

chinchilla supplies

Deeanne L. Review of aspen shavings bedding

Perfect for Litter Trays and Travel

Love the SPS aspen shavings. They are perfect for the litter trays for my chinchillas and for travel with all of my pets (chinchillas and guinea pigs). It doesn’t have a strong odor, does not cause asthma allergies, and it soaks up the urine very well.

Dust Bath

A chinchilla’s fur is silky soft, and surprisingly it stays that way with dust! Chinchillas don’t take baths with soap and water. Instead, have a dust bath for them to use a few times a week. This helps keep the natural oils evenly distributed on their skin.

Natural Toys

Chinchilla care 101 wouldn’t be complete without talking about all the fun toys. Don’t get confused and think toys aren’t essential. Chinchillas need toys to keep them active and entertained. Without toys, their mind and body can’t stay healthy. 

Chinchilla toys aren’t complicated. Your pet just needs plenty of natural objects to explore and chew on.

 Ballsstickslogsrings, and mobiles are all perfect additions to your chinchilla’s home.

Toys are chinchilla supplies that you’ll always be buying more of. New toys give your chinchilla more to explore and more to chew up. Seeing your chinchilla explore keeps things fun for you as well!

Chinchilla Care 101: Have an Exotic Vet Picked Out

While this isn’t considered chinchilla supplies, it’s definitely a part of chinchilla care. Chinchillas need different veterinary care than a dog or a cat would so it’s important to find a vet with plenty of chinchilla experience.

Finding a vet before you need them is ideal. A sick chinchilla is a stressful experience and you don’t want to make it worse by needing to search for an appropriate vet. 

chinchilla care 101

With the right chinchilla care, chinchillas can live long lives. They can live anywhere from 10-20 years. That’s right, this is no hamster. Getting a chinchilla for a pet is a big commitment. So make sure you’re able to get them everything they need before you go out to meet your new friend. Chinchillas make great pets. And with the right preparation, you’ll make a great owner.

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