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Guinea Pig Snack Time: 5 Easy, Go-To Treats For Guinea Pigs

treats for guinea pigs

When you’re excited to see your guinea pig, it's normal to want to get them excited as well! Sometimes you want to show your cavy love with a little snack when they come over. Today we’re talking about treats for guinea pigs. 

Specifically, the easy and simple treats that guinea pigs love. 

You probably have some great options in your fridge right now! So let’s search the deep drawers and put together a list of go-to treats for guinea pigs. 

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Our Favorite Treats For Guinea Pigs

Treats come in a lot of different forms. Diversity is a treat. New textures and flavors are a treat. Waking up to a new chew toy is a treat! If sugar is what comes to your mind first when you hear the word treat, it’s time to broaden your horizons!  

treats for guinea pigs

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh leafy greens should be a part of your guinea pig’s daily routine, which makes them a nutritious snack and something that they’ll probably expect from you. This doesn’t mean your cavy won’t be excited about it though! 

You can give your cavy a cup of fresh leafy greens every day but there’s plenty of room for diversity when it comes to the greens! It’s actually very important that you rotate leafy greens for your guinea pigs so they don’t get too much of any one thing.  

Leafy Greens For Guinea Pigs: 

  • red and green leaf lettuce

  • romaine lettuce

  • kale

  • cilantro

  • parsley

  • spinach

  • dandelion greens

  • endive

  • carrot tops

  • mint

  • basil

  • collard greens

  • turnip greens

Other Fresh Vegetables That Are Perfect Treats For Guinea Pigs:

  • Brussel sprouts

  • celery

  • red and green bell pepper

  • broccoli

  • cabbage

When giving your cavy a new food always start with a very small piece so you can see if their digestive system can handle it well. Some guinea pigs are more sensitive than others! We will talk more about introducing new foods in a minute.

Note: Don’t give your guinea pig garlic or onions. These plants contain a compound that damages their red blood cells and can cause breathing problems and weakness. 

Fresh Fruits 

Fresh fruits probably come to your mind when you think of treats for guinea pigs. I mean, they are a great treat for you as well! Fruits have a lot of natural sugar and need to be given much more sparingly than fresh vegetables, but they can be given as treats. 

Too much sugar can be hard on your cavy’s digestive system. They don’t have the gut bacteria to digest lots of sugar and you don’t want their gut to shift that way either! 

Some vegetables are higher in sugar so we’re adding them to our fruit list so you can be aware of the sugar content.

treats for guinea pigs

Fresh Fruits That Are Great Treats For Guinea Pigs

  • apples (without the seeds)

  • carrots

  • zucchini

  • cucumber

  • tomatoes

  • sweet potatoes (raw)

  • bananas

  • mango

  • papaya

  • kiwi

  • blueberries

  • strawberries 

Your guinea pig will certainly get excited about small amounts of fruits and if you think about it, what seems very small to you is much larger when looking through the eyes of a little guinea pig! Treats the size of the top of your thumb are plenty big enough. 

Fresh and Dried Herbs 

There were some good fresh herbs on our leafy greens list but let’s take a minute to talk about how great herbs really are! Herbs are the spices of the guinea pig world. They pack a flavor punch that guinea pigs love. 

Fresh herbs are perfect to spice up their daily leafy greens. And they’re great to hand out as treats for guinea pigs! Herbs pack a lot of vitamins and minerals, and that's a treat! 

Dried herbs are fun to add to their hay pile and promote foraging. This gets their mind working as they sort through new tastes and textures! 

Dried Herbal Blends provide variety without too much sugar. There are lots of options to change things up for your guinea pig!

Hay-Based Treats For Guinea Pigs

We all know the perfect food for guinea pigs is hay. There really can’t be a better treat for a guinea pig than one that utilizes hay as the first ingredient!

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Hay Cubes are simply hay pressed into cubes which creates a new texture while giving your pet’s digestive system exactly what it was designed for. 

Healthy Snackers add some dried fruit and sometimes vegetables which make them more of a treat but still a great option with hay as the main ingredient. 

DIY Treats For Guinea Pigs

Don’t be afraid of getting creative with ingredients. Make sure you’re working with guinea pig-safe foods such as the ones we’ve mentioned. You can slice them into thin strips, dehydrate them, or create a fun salad bowl. 

Hiding a treat in their enclosure gives them something fun to find and keeps their mind active. Encourage them to go through a tunnel or search to the bottom of their hay pile.

Tie some cilantro into a large knot and leave your guinea pig wondering why it looks like that! If you’re having fun then your pets are having fun.

What To Look For When Introducing New Foods

As mentioned, when introducing a new food only give a small portion. It’s also best to only introduce one new food at a time so if there’s a negative reaction then you know what caused it. Wait a few days after introducing a new food before you try another new food. 

Signs A New Food Doesn’t Agree With Your Guinea Pig

  • soft poops

  • diarrhea

  • lack of poop

  • small appetite 

In a nutshell, it's all in the poop. Poop tells us a lot about how our guinea pigs are feeling and how well their digestive system is working! If you have any concerns with your guinea pig, contact an exotic vet.

Treats For Guinea Pigs Encourage Bonding 

We humans love to bond over food. It makes everyone feel happy and taken care of. Guinea pigs bond with the person who takes care of them and it's fun to see them get excited about trying something new. 

I mean, who doesn’t love the man with the kale? 

When feeding treats for guinea pigs, make sure you always have your pet’s long-term health in mind. It’s not fun anymore when the treats lead to stomach aches and digestive issues. 

Once you find your guinea pig’s favorites, you can create a nice rotation that everyone is excited about. 

Happy munching cavies!


We are not veterinarians, and none of our information should be construed as veterinary advice.


Before adding any new product, please consult your exotic veterinarian. If your pet is acting unwell and you have concerns for their well being, please contact your vet immediately.

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