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Why Thousands of Guinea Pigs are Choosing These Handmade Guinea Pig Toys

handmade guinea pig toys

It’s time to fill your guinea pig’s house with all kinds of fun. But clean fun, am I right? When you look at some of the unnatural materials used to make toys, handmade guinea pig toys look amazing. 

Creating toys yourself is a great way to connect with your pet. But sometimes you want to shop for some fun additions to add to their environment. Organic and handmade products should be your first stop. 

Small Pet Select’s handmade guinea pig toys aren’t made in a giant factory on machines. They’re made on an organic farm. People put these unique toys together in small batches paying attention to every detail. If you can’t do it yourself, this is the next best thing.

And the survey says - The guinea pigs love them! 

The Most Loved Handmade Guinea Pig Toys

Natural toys and chews come in all shapes and sizes. Most of them are made from hay and created in different styles. Although a toy for your guinea pig could be as simple as a birch log for them to move around and chew on. Or a Curly Q Stick for fun! Guinea pigs choose toys that give them a little more to explore!

Miranda B. Review of curly Q Stick

So much fun!

My guinea pigs absolutely love this stick! I had no idea how much they would love it, they get so excited when they see it. If it’s near their enclosure they’ll try to get to it! It’s very fun to use it to play with them. It works the best for guests or friends to use it to play with them during a visit. If I left my girls with this stick and walked away I’d be gone in 10 minutes, or at least chewed up into tiny little pieces.

The Wonderland Play Table

This handmade toy is a three-in-one guinea pig dream. It has birchwood logs for the legs that guinea pigs love to chew. This table has a digging box floor, and two types of hanging mobiles. The mobiles can be changed out with other hanging mobiles to keep your guinea pig busy exploring. 

The mobiles are made with alfalfa and timothy mixed hay cubes. This handmade guinea pig toy is a fan favorite. Guinea pigs can sit on top or inside as they explore the different materials.

handmade guinea pig toys

Crystal R Review Of WonderLand Play Table

Great For Guinea Pigs!

I wanted to leave a review because when I purchased this item about a week ago, there weren't many reviews dealing with guinea pigs. I have a herd of 6, so I'm always trying to find new things to keep them stimulated and happy. This table really fits the bill. Two of my pigs in particular love to stand up and chew on the hanging twigs, they are almost gone already! Overall this is well built and creates a semi hide where they can sniff, chew, and munch to their hearts content. I like to add forage to the bottom as well. My pigs never seemed interested in wooden chew blocks, but they love the natural branches that make this item up.

Hay and Twig Mobile

The mobiles on The Wonderland Play Table can be changed and replaced. But the Hay and Twig Mobile can also be purchased separately. The materials used in these mobiles change seasonally but they can include akebia, blackberry stem, apple twigs, cattail, lambs quarter stems, sunroot, or sunflower stems. The cubes are made of Timothy and Alfalfa hay. 

These get your guinea pigs pulling and tugging! If you’ve ever bobbed for apples then you know grabbing onto a moving target is challenging and these piggies are up for the challenge!

handmade guinea pig toys

Megan T. Review of Hay and Twig Mobile

Good For Active Guinea Pigs

I have two big male Guinea Pigs that are really active. I thought this mobile would give them something to play with, or at least divert their attention for a few minutes a day. I wasn't wrong. My boys enjoy these mobiles. The hay cubes keeps them interested, and the twigs help them grind down their teeth a little. We have a C&C cage as well so I like that they just clip onto the top of their cage and are good to go.

Seagrass Mat

This seagrass mat is another way to get your guinea pig chewing with handmade guinea pig toys. It’s woven from natural seagrass and nothing else! It’s soft, edible, and made for digging and chewing. 

handmade guinea pig toy

Terry Y. |Review of the seagrass mat

Excellent Product

I recently purchased this for my guinea pigs and they love it! I keep their wood chews/toys on there, but they prefer to munch on the mat. Well made and excellent price.

Hideout Castle

The Guinea Pig Habitat Hideout Castle is the perfect hiding place for a guinea pig. This castle is made in a workshop without any screws or glue. It’s held together with a food-grade soy-based adhesive.

You can add on to the castle with a tunnel, more castles, and a bridge. This castle leaves plenty of room for creativity.

Check out this setup we shared on Instagram from @thebrekkiebuns

Robin Review of hideout castle

Great hideout for a guinea pig or chinchilla

I have 2 guinea pigs, Hank and Henry (both rescues). They are fairly shy, and love to hid in boxes or this Small Castle hideout. It is perfect for them as they can run inside and feel secure, and have a couple of exits which they can use depending on where in the room they want to go. It is very easy to put together, made exceptionally well, and a Great hideout for a guinea pig or chinchilla and sells at a great price. Not only that, it is SO CUTE. (OK, so my pigs don't care if it's cute, but I enjoy seeing it)

Guinea Pigs Need Toys In Their Environment

Guinea pigs were domesticated 500 years ago. However, they still have their natural instincts in full force. Toys help keep their minds and body healthy. 

Here's a video of some of our piggy friends enjoying some Small Pet Select chews!

Keeps Them Active

Guinea pigs are naturally very active. Their nondomesticated ancestors spend their days traveling long distances. They are prey animals who move quickly from one cover to the next. 

Gives Them Hiding Places

Guinea pigs love to burrow and dig holes to hide in. They gnaw and forage, always looking for food. 

Fernando S. |Review of HIdeout Castle

Piggies love it!

I upgraded a plastic pigloo with this wooden house and me and the piggies love it! Looks really great in the cage and it stays put on a fleece pee pad. No more tipped over pigloos! I will be buying more products in the future.

Opportunities To Explore

Toys give domesticated guinea pigs an opportunity to explore. Without toys, they are bored, which leads to inactive guinea pigs. Toys keep them happy and active which gives them long-term health. 

Chewing Wears Down Their Teeth

Guinea pigs’ teeth are always growing. This isn’t a problem in the wild because they spend so much of their day gnawing on sticks, brush, and vegetation.

This is why it’s so important to make sure that your pet’s environment has chew toys so that they can fulfill the natural instinct to chew and keep their teeth worn down. 

Leslie C |Review of ASpen Wood Saplings

Trees For Guinea Pigs

The Aspen Wood Sapling was a good decision for my awesome guinea pig. He loves to keep his teeth trimmed with hours of chomping on the sapling. I will be purchasing a lot more of these Aspen wonders in the future.

Organic Handmade Guinea Pig Toys Keep the Fun Safe

Nothing interrupts a full day of exploring and chewing like toxins and irritants. Sadly, there are many toys and products made for guinea pigs that aren’t made from natural materials. Thus exposing guinea pigs to harmful chemicals. 

A guinea pig is only free to explore when their environment is free of unnatural materials that could hurt them. And we are all about natural exploration. 

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