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Healthy Bunny Treats (Timothy Hay Treats??)

One of the best parts of the holidays is handing out treats to our neighbors and friends. Bunnies included. But at the end of the day, we need everyone to be happy and healthy. So don’t get too excited and give your rabbit anything that can make them sick. And there’s really no reason to when there are so many healthy bunny treats.

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Healthy Bunny Treats Are High In Fiber

A rabbit's whole system runs on fiber. Holidays are no reason to jump off the hay train. Besides, we want them to have plenty of energy to enjoy their day too. So, of course, any treat that includes Timothy Hay is a safe bet.

Hay cubes are a fun way to eat hay. They are just hay that has been pressed into cubes. Because these are 100% Timothy hay, you can give your rabbit as many as you want without worrying about making them sick. 

Healthy Bunny Treats Don’t Have Added Sugar

Pet stores sell a lot of rabbit treats that have added sugar. So don’t trust a package just because it has a cute bunny on it. Always check the ingredients so you know exactly what you’re giving your rabbit. 

Yogurt drops are one of the worst treats to give your rabbit. They are high in added sugar and they also contain dairy - another thing your rabbit should never have. 

Dried or Fresh Fruit

Natural sugars from fruit are much better for your rabbit. But still, they need to be given in moderation. Apples, peaches, berries, and bananas are good fruits for your rabbit to try. Even carrots are a sweet treat for rabbits!

Just remember to remove any pits or seeds before giving a piece of fruit to your rabbit. These can make them sick if they accidentally eat them with all the excitement of a new treat.  

Small pet select puts dried fruit in treats along with timothy hay so that you have healthy bunny treats that goes down with a lot of fiber too!

Variety Is a Treat

You might not think of herbs as a “treat”. But trust me, any new taste and texture is a fun treat for a rabbit. Dried or fresh herbs provide new trace minerals that they may not be getting elsewhere. As well as new tastes and smells!

Herbal blends can be mixed right into their hay pile to give them something to forage for. It also helps keep them interested in their hay. And we all know how important that is! 

Hay mobiles are another way to “treat” your rabbit with something new. They encourage your rabbit to get up and play. 

The more healthy variety you can add to your rabbit's habitat the happier they will be as they get up to forage through their environment.

Rabbits are natural foragers. So don’t drop all of the healthy bunny treats right in front of them. Hide some around their enclosure and in their hay so that they can do what they do best!

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