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Hideaway Habitat Tunnel: Everything You Need to Know

With special thanks to Josh Price

Hello friends! In October 2021, we introduced the first pieces in our new habitat series, the Habitat Hideout Castle and the Bridge for Habitat Hideout Castle. My bunnies, Sunny Bunny, Rocky Roo, and Pippi, plus my colleague's bun, Willow, were kind enough to pose in the blog about it. Guess what? We added a new piece: the Hideaway Habitat Tunnel!

Habitat Hideaway Tunnel

I didn't think my buns would get any more excited than they did with the Castle, but I was wrong. The word love isn’t strong enough to describe their enthusiasm, so I asked each one to tell me what they liked most about it. Since I usually work during their bunny nap time, I had to bribe them with some of our new Premium Ultra-Soft Timothy Hay. Did you miss our blog on our latest hay variety? 

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Ok, ok, let’s get back on topic. Here’s what my bonded trio said. I know you'd rather hear what the buns think than me. 

🐰 Sunny Bunny: “I decided to make the new tunnel my ‘she-shed.’ I can stretch all the way out, and no one else can come in. But, if I'm feeling nice, all three of us can snuggle in one tunnel."

🐰 Rocky Roo: “Sunny doesn’t always let me cuddle with her in the tunnel, so Mom got me my own. Also, it’s easier for me to keep Pippi away from my bedtime snack of Non-GMO, Soy-Free Rabbit Food Pellets if I move my bowl inside my tunnel.

🐰 Pippi: I love to climb! Mom changes our room layout every week to annoy us keep us entertained. She always makes sure to do something different with our CastleBridge, and Tunnel pieces. Sunny said I can have the Castle for my she-shed since she moved into the tunnel.

👩🏻 Mom: I love that they’re happy, but both the Tunnel and the Castle are fantastic for corralling bunny floof. I just pop the tops off and run the vacuum wand around the inside of each piece.

Official Tunnel Facts

Of course, Josh, our Product Manager, would like me to point out the reasons you should get one for your guinea pig herd or rabbit fluffle: 

  • Modular pieces allow you to make your kingdom the size and layout you want
  • No nails or screws.
  • No glue
  • Professional-grade American 🇺🇸 Hardwood Plywood-Birch veneer with kiln-dried Aspen or Pine Core
  • Made in our own workshops!
  • Soy-based Adhesive (Food Grade)
  • Dimensions:
    • 14" wide x 23" long x 11.5" tall
    • Doorway 5" wide x 8" tall
    • Window 2" wide x 4.25" tall
How to get featured in Weekly Cuties

You don’t need a special occasion to get this for your hoppers or wheekers!!! Hop online right now and buy the kingdom of their dreams. Don't forget, you can use your reward points towards the cost of any of the pieces. If you haven't checked your reward points lately, click on the screenshot below, and it will take you to them. If you've got any suggestions for what pieces our in-house woodshop should make next, please send them. You can comment on our socials or email us. Thanks again for reading and for all your support.


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