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How Much Space Does a Rat Need?

how much space does a rat need?

Wild rats are found basically everywhere humans are... that's their natural habitat. The farm, the city, the garbage dump, sewers, subways. You name it, they're there. And while climate can play a part in where they flourish (if the weather is mild, they may stray from their human hosts), rats prefer people. So, free food and fewer predators seem like a pretty good deal to me. But, we know that wild and domestic small animals require different living situations. So, suppose you're considering adding a domestic rat to your family. In that case, you're probably wondering how much space does a rat need. Read on..

Bigger is Better

As we very often recommend, roomier cages are recommended. However, these little guys and girls require at least 2 to 2.5 cubic feet of space per rat as a rule of thumb. If you want to give your rat additional room to live, they’d appreciate it. If you're math-challenged like me, we found this handy rat cage calculator to make sure your rattie has enough space.

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Other Benefits of a Large Enclosure: Exercise and Good Health

To maximize a rat's short lifespan, they need to get regular exercise. An active rattie lifestyle also reduces the likelihood of obesity. 

Overcrowding, too, can lead to medical conditions and cause upper respiratory infections. And that’s the last thing we want.

Like any small pet, providing proper territory for them is very important to their safety and overall quality of life. 

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So, how much space does a rat need? Enough space to keep them happy and healthy as long as it’s above the minimum requirements. We want as much time with them as possible.

Happy rat… I like that. ❤️

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