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New chicken parent? Here’s all you need.

With special thanks to Shelby Stone and "The Ladies"

Hello friends, and welcome to the chicken parent flock! Did you adopt some adorable baby chicks? Or you rescued some hens from your local humane society? Either way, our guest journalists, better known as “The Ladies,” are SO egg-cited for you and want you to get started off on the right claw. You’re going to want to check out their information and food recommendations below to keep your flock healthy and happy like they are.

If you missed The Ladies’ blog in March 2021, you definitely need to check it out right here. Recently, their Mom and Dad added some new flock members, so we’ve paired up the rascally teenage chicks with their elders to help with the links below.

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General Informative Guidance

Helga, Freya, and Edith recommend you cuddle up with your new flock and a snack while you read our A Beginners Guide to Raising Chickens. Here’s a list of topics in the guide:

  1. Types of Chickens
  2. Picking the Perfect Breed
  3. Raising Chickens
  4. Housing
  5. Chicken Feed
  6. Daily Care and Cleaning
  7. Treats, Supplements Snacks
  8. Signs of a Healthy Chicken

Food Questions?

We don’t know what you like to snack on. Still, Matilda and Ophelia highly recommend you check out our Types of Feed Explained guide, which is also under our website's "Care Resources" section.

Depending on your flock members’ age ranges, buying different chicken feed or chicken grit is essential to keep them happy and healthy. We have a simple, easy-to-understand chart for you to peek at in the guide to make being a chicken parent easier.

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Chicken Blogs

If you and your peeps have pecked your way through both guides, you’re going to want to check out our Chicken Blogs next. Suppose you haven't adopted your chicks yet. In that case, Gretel and Morticia suggest reading What to Look for When Choosing Baby Chicks, written by our chicken spokesperson, Lisa, from Fresh Eggs Daily.

Gretel and Morticia

As a new chicken parent, if you're stressing about caring for your sweet chicks or want to ensure their coop has all the amenities your flock needs, read our blogs on Chick Care 101 and Coop Necessities.

Finally, another helpful blog if you haven’t adopted yet is our recommendations for the Best Chicken Breeds for BeginnersThelma and Queenie say no matter what breed you adopt, they’re all the best. Queenie would also like you to notice her developing roosting skills as she perched on her mom’s phone.

Thelma and Queenie


That's an egg-cellent segue into learning what happens as your chicks mature. We've got blogs on How Old Do Chickens Need to be to Lay Eggs? Also, check out Do Hens Need Nesting Boxes to Lay Eggs?, How Are Eggs Made?, What to Eggspect When Hens are Eggspecting, and What Color Eggs do Chickens Lay?

Prep for Upcoming Weather

We know some of you are still in the midst of winter even though “spring” is almost here. However, it’s not too soon to think about keeping your flock cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you live somewhere with four seasons like Agatha and Esmerelda, they recommend you read Are your chickens hot? Tips to keep them cool in summerCare for Chickens in Cold Weather: Are Yours Ready?, To Heat or Not to Heat Your Coop, and Can Chickens Get Frostbite?

Esmerelda and Agatha

Whew…Lucille and Hennifer are impressed at how much chicken information we at Small Pet Select have on our site

Lucille and Hennifer

We are constantly adding more. Plus, we want to know what YOU as a chicken parent want to hear about. So if you have blog topic ideas, please email them to us or comment on our socials. We love hearing from our valued customers.

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