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Organic Timothy Hay: All You Need to Know

Hay friends…guess what?! Small Pet Select has Organic Timothy Hay!!! YAY! I can hear all our valued customers and their precious pets cheering as I type. This is sooo exciting but let me tell you more….

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Searching high and low for organic hay

Our co-owner and CEO, Bill, has searched for organic hay to sell at Small Pet Select for years. He would have gone to Antarctica or even to space if he thought he could find it there. Why is it so hard to find organic hay? It's challenging for farmers to grow. 

One thing about Small Pet Select…we never give up in our quest to find only the best for small pets. And Bill finally found the most amazing Organic Timothy Hay.

The Best-Smelling Organic Timothy Hay

You might have read my blog Pippi's blog about our Premium Ultra-Soft Timothy Hay. My fluffle says that hay is the best smelling. Until they sniffed this Organic Timothy Hay. Oh, the binkies. But it doesn’t just smell good…it’s great for your cuties too.

Organic Timothy Hay




  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pigs
  • Chinchillas
  • Hamsters
  • Gerbils
  • Rats
  • Birds
  • Other small pets
  • All the species will love it as 80% of their diet should be great hay.
  • 100% Organic Timothy Hay - It's not a specific cut; texture and characteristics are in between a 2nd and 3rd cut.
  • All Natural 
  • Soft & Leafy Stems
  • Smells Fresh & Fragrant
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Order it now if you want your sweet babies to go bonkers over hay that smells like springtime in a box. Just do it. However, if it's not a hit at your house, please invoke our Picky Pet Promise. Contact our stellar Customer Service Team, and they will help you find something your pet prefers. We promise!

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