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Rabbit Toys 101: The 5 Essentials To Keep Them Active

rabbit toys

You’ve got the cage, the bedding, the food, the rabbit… now what’s this bun going to do all day? If you already have rabbit toys for your rabbit and they aren’t interested, you may have the wrong kind.

In order to create an enriching habitat for your rabbit, you need to look at what rabbits do in the wild.

Rabbits are active in the wild as they spend their days foraging for food. So, the rabbit toys that will keep your bun active are those that encourage foraging. After all, if there’s something yummy to find, who wouldn’t get out of bed to find it? 

I’m sure you don’t hide rabbit treats in your couch cushions and you’re probably wondering what’s safe for your rabbit to chew on. Rabbits in the wild don’t have to deal with the chemicals that domesticated rabbits come across. 

By giving your rabbit safe items to explore, you’re also creating a space to hide food. Even better if the toys double as food!

Before we get into the rabbit toys, let’s take a minute to talk about why foraging is so good for rabbits.

But if you just can’t contain your excitement then run on into the toy store and check out the natural toys and chews. 

Why Rabbits Need To Forage

Wild rabbits spend many hours a day searching for food. When you don’t have a bowl of food at your feet then getting your daily breakfast will take significant time. It’s natural for rabbits to spend all day trying to fill themselves up. 

This keeps them from getting obese because they’re up moving and eating slower throughout the day. It also keeps their mind healthy when they spend less time bored! Foraging keeps them problem-solving. 

rabbit habitats

How To Keep Your Rabbit Active

Imagine having a fantastic bike but not feeling well enough to use it. When it comes to keeping your rabbit active don’t forget about keeping stress levels low and their bodies full of fiber. That way they feel well enough to kick up their feet and explore their rabbit toys. 

Lower Stress

When a wild rabbit is stressed they spend their time on high alert watching for predators. It’s only when they’re relaxed that they’re able to explore.

Also, companionship makes them much more relaxed. When there are other rabbits around to be on the lookout for danger, it’s safe to play!

The Correct Diet

Rabbits who eat lots of hay forage more. Even just within their hay pile, there are pieces to find. Some pieces are tougher than others, and they can really hit the jackpot when they find some flower heads!

Rabbits who eat mostly hay feel well enough to be active!

The Right Environment

When your rabbit has items to move around, climb on top of, crawl inside, and dig on then they have an excellent rabbit habitat. You need to first have the setup to encourage exploration, and then you can get the right food in there to keep them curious!

Rabbit Toys For a Foraging Environment 

We can conclude that rabbits are motivated by food. And we can relate! You would hop on your bike more if you could ride to free lunch. 

All of the toys on this list can be nibbled, chewed, and eaten. Completely safe and natural. The way a rabbit’s environment was meant to be. 


Mobiles are toys that you can attach to your rabbit's cage. This encourages them to pull and tug which uses muscles that a wild rabbit would use all the time! But unless we are setting up this kind of environment for our domestic rabbits, they miss out.

rabbit toys

The Hay and Twig Mobile has sticks, bark, and hay cubes on it. Leaving your rabbit with plenty of reasons to tug and pull. Braid Mobiles are another favorite! Different mobiles add variety to your rabbit's space. 

rabbit toys

These rabbit toys are handmade on a farm in Virginia. They’re completely natural and safe. Free of chemicals and dyes. You know these toys are different from the toys made in China that you find at a lot of pet stores because of the pride taken in the materials and creation process


The opposite of pulling and tugging is pushing and chasing. This is where you want some ball rabbit toys. We have a large variety of balls made from different materials so you can find your rabbit’s favorite.

rabbit toys

Sticks and Logs

Bring the outdoors, indoors. But in a safe way! Not all plants and bark are safe for rabbits to chew on, so grabbing some sticks and logs from the shop is a great way to give them a natural space while also keeping everything safe for chewing.

Which is extremely important for rabbits. A rabbit’s teeth are always growing so they need to chew, chew, chew! This keeps their teeth worn down so they can stay healthy and pain-free. 

Twists and Chews 

Rings, twists, chains, and fidget sticks are the ultimate treat because they last longer than a minute. These rabbit toys are made from hay and other grass but condensed so they last longer for chewing.

Dig Mats 

Some rabbits love to dig and tug on the carpet. For those friends, we have the Sea Grass Mat and a Digging Platform. These encourage those natural instincts to come out in a healthy way!

rabbit toys

Rabbit Toys Keep Your Rabbit Interesting!

A bored rabbit is a boring rabbit. One of the reasons rabbits are such awesome pets is how fun and curious they are.

The more they have to explore the more they have to do. And the more you can get to know your rabbit.

Which is why we’re all here, isn’t it?

Now go play with your rabbit!

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