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Rabbit weight issues: does your rabbit have a muffin top?

rabbit muffin top


We aren’t the only species to fight weight issues.  Our rabbits can pack on the extra pounds too. 

One easy way to check your rabbit's fitness is to feel that tummy.  With you rabbit standing on all fours, run your hand down the middle of the underside of the ribcage.  Start just behind the front legs, and find that bone that connects all the ribs right in the middle of the chest.  This is called the sternum.  Follow the sternum down towards the nether regions, and once that bone ends, feel along the tummy for a few inches.  There should be no depression (that would mean your rabbit is too thin) but there should be no bulge either.  If there is a bulge, your rabbit needs some changes to diet and activity levels.  

The advice is the same for rabbits as it is for people!  Yup, diet and exercise, just like for us. Increase fiber, decrease sugar, move more.  And lose weight slowly!  Fast weight loss can cause some serious health problems.

Switching over to herbal mixes instead of sugary veggies can help, as can hiding the snacks and making food more of a foraging event.  Don’t cut back on those lovely fresh greens though.

We'll be talking quite a bit about ways to check your rabbit's weight, and what you can do if they've got a few too many "curves", so stay tuned!

OK, go feel your bunny’s tummy.  Want to show off your rabbit’s fitness?  Send us a pic!  And there's more info about weight in our next post, so keep watching!

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