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Belinda Says Hay: “Secret Plans that I Can’t Discuss”

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Hello. It’s Belinda.

Have you ever heard somebody say “Make hay while the sun shines?” Not sure if they mean timothy hay but that doesn’t matter as far as I’m concerned.

What matters is the part about time of day. I never gave it a second thought until now but it’s 2 a.m. and I’m working. And since I work for Small Pet Select I am “making hay” in my opinion. There’s more to it than tractors and balers.

For example, keeping certain news to yourself. It’s part of being a spokesrabbit. Knowing when it’s time to not “spokes.”

No matter how much you want to announce “capital improvements” at the home office, you don’t do it.

Same goes for new snacks or treats that are “hush hush.”  If you try to drop hints by posting links to other blogs you wrote, that’s also not allowed.

And this is why I’m up in the middle of the night. Because I can’t stop thinking about yesterday’s big team meeting.

My agent made a point to schedule it for morning so I wouldn’t nod off during the call. The invitation even said “no half-naps allowed.”

Turns out she included that as a clue about the “big reveal.” But I was so worried about getting in trouble for forgetting Abigail’s anniversary I didn’t get the hint.  Everybody knows I get sleepy in the afternoon. It’s in my contract according to my agent.

Speaking of Abigail, did you hear about her new product?

That’s right. You might think of Abigail as a novelist but she must be reading marketing books.

She came up with a campaign to help homeless rabbits by selling chocolate bars.

It’s a vegan dark chocolate bar called “Abigail’s Fix.” It’s for humans to eat when they need a “chocolate fix.” Proceeds go to rabbit rescues.

The Abigail’s Fix bars are limited edition so get yours before they sell out.

You can read all about Abigail’s Rescue Chocolate bars by clicking on this link.

She is something else. So is the top-secret product coming in about a week, plus the other ones just in time for the holiday.

I should probably delete that last sentence but it’s now almost 3 a.m. and I’m done “making hay.” It’s time to put this blog to bed and I’m right behind it, if you know what I mean.



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