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Spotlight on the fabulous skinny pig: five fun facts

The Fabulous Skinny Pig

When you got the email this morning about this blog, you probably thought Small Pet Select went off the deep end unless you have guinea pigs. But we didn’t…I promise. While the words skinny and pig don't seem to go together, you get the most adorable cavy when you put them together. So today, we’re going to learn about the fabulous skinny pig.

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One: “Skinny” is misleading

The skinny pig looks "skinny" due to being almost hairless. While most guinea pigs resemble furry potatoes with tiny legs, this potato appears fur-free. Some even say they resemble little hippos. 

Shelby's herd

📸: Shelby Stone

Godiva the skinny pig and her floofy friends

Two: Keeping them warm

While the skinny pig sports fuzz on their muzzle, legs, and feet—and sometimes on their back—their lack of floof can cause your bald cavy to be chilly. Therefore, you should:

  • Keep their enclosure 72-75 degrees F/22-24 C degrees
  • Have plenty of clean, soft bedding and fleece beds to snuggle in
  • Provide unlimited hay. The skinny pig eats more to stay warm.

Three: Skincare

As the skinny pig’s skin is exposed, they’re more susceptible to dry skin and other skin issues. While their skin colors vary, you’ll want to check with your trusted exotic vet on what they recommend to moisturize. Additionally, remove any wet bedding right away to prevent bacterial skin infections. Finally, trim their nails regularly to prevent them from scratching their skin.

Four: Created by a genetic mutation

While the skinny pig is not a recognized cavy breed, they were created in the 1970s due to genetic mutation. Scientists experimented by breeding normal-haired guinea pigs with a hairless strain, and the fabulous skinny pig was born.

Five: Still a guinea pig

Whether your cavy crew has hair or not, the skinny pig eats and acts like any guinea pig.

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